My first blog that isn’t for a class.


This is my first blog that consists entirely of my observations. This isn’t a blog which is part of a class I’m taking, or anything, it is only my online journal, so to speak, observations on my own life and what I see happening around me. I am a 57 year old man, living in San Francisco. I am unemployed and have been for over two years. I used to work at a popular bookstore, until it went out of business in 2009. Since then I have taken classes in digital printing and web design. I have always enjoyed writing and decided to start this blog to give me an outlet for my writing, other than just the journal I keep in the old fashioned way, pen on paper. This online journal won’t be as personal, but will consist of my observations, with an audience in mind. Hopefully I will be able to continue with this blog beyond August 2011, which is how long I have till all my money runs out and I am rendered homeless. Perhaps this blog can assist in finding me a job or I can generate money writing online in various capacities. We shall see. I am discovering that in order to stay relevant to today’s world I must branch out into new, previously unthought of areas, to express my creativity. In any case, this is a beginning, there will be more. I want to explore ideas for how the upteenmillion unemployed can somehow help each other survive. Government is not the answer, ultimately, although another stimulus package wouldn’t be unwelcome. I know it adds to the deficit, but right now we need to keep the unemployed from becoming homeless unemployed. They are the engine that can revive the economy if they are given jobs and income once again. I feel the principle problem in this country is the enormous gap between the rich and poor, with hardly a middle class to speak of anymore. This is an explosive situation, which ultimately could lead to riots in the streets like we have seen in Greece and other countries. We have got to find a solution to all of this unemployment. I have a personal investment in that solution.

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