Wiener shows us his wiener. and the whole world yawns. At least I did.


I have been following the brouhaha regarding Congressman Wiener showing his wiener to women online. My response is who cares? As usual, the press plays up any news of a sexual nature to the expense of real news. You would think, judging by America’s sanctimonious shock at this behavior, that it is a shock to discover that congressmen have genitals. Our attitudes towards sex are hypocritical and nonsensical. I also think it sends the wrong message to children. It makes it appear that our bodies are something to be ashamed of, especially our genitals. This obsession with sex on the part of media, which is combined with mock outrage over sexual expression, is undoubtedly a very confusing double message for young people. Be sexual, but keep it hidden, and don’t feel good about it. Now we will have to endure an endless stream of pseudo-professional opinion about sexual addiction on every available talk show. I don’t condone what Wiener did, but I also don’t consider it a capital crime. Let’s save our shock and outrage for pedophiles, rapists, and their ilk. I think it would be far healthier for congress to censure his behavior, instead of asking him to step down. I would welcome a national dialogue about healthy sexual behavior, as opposed to no sexual behavior. I would say that there is no question but that we have a sick society when it comes to sex. The obsession with sex which is all around us reflects a lack of actual sex in our lives. The sickness lies in our feelings of shame and moral outrage over perfectly normal sexual behavior, confusing it with true perversion. It seems that as soon as the words “sex” and “children” are said in the same breath, people go crazy, and are incapable of a rational thought. The message we are sending to our children is perpetuating our own sickness, our own double standard. We pretend to be non-sexual pure hearted people, while pushing away into a dark corner of our psyche all our sexual fantasies and urges, pretending they aren’t there. I don’t pretend to know how to address this problem, but I do know that approaching it honestly, forthrightly, and above all, nonjudgmentally, is very important. Let me be clear, I’m not talking about sexual crimes here, but about relatively harmless sexual activity. Sex will rear it’s (I started to write “ugly head” but why does it need to be considered ugly?) It will rear it’s head in any case, regardless of anyone’s effort to suppress it. It is up to us to deal with sexual urges intelligently, and with a sense of humor, instead of creating a tempest in a teapot, and pretending to be shocked and outraged.

I could go on about the sources of these stupid and dangerous attitudes towards sex that has typified American society since the Puritans, but I won’t. Suffice to say, I hope that over time we will develop a much more mature attitude towards sex, like what you find in most of Europe. In the meantime, go to church. Just kidding, church is often the worst cesspool of suppressed sexuality!

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  1. “Turn to a dog for advice on etiquette……. end up sniffing people’s rear ends” – ancient proverb

    (OK I just made it up)

    Some more wisdom on this subject from Stefan Moleneux in case you’re interested.

    • Thanks for the video. I agree with much of what he said, except I think his outrage and anger comes across as equally phony. I don’t think it comes as any surprise that powerful men (not that Wiener was particularly powerful, more of a powerful-wannabe, but Strauss-Kahn and Swarzenegger are another matter.), are corrupt, and use sex as a weapon. This has been true since Roman times and probably before. The common person has always played the Monica Lewinsky role, and feeling honored to have given pleasure to the rich and famous. We still worship the rich and famous. It is sickening, but very ordinary. It is also no surprise that we are lied to, killed with impunity, and generally disregarded by the powerful. To pretend like this is news, and you are outraged by it is silly. Everyone knows the emperor has no clothes, but we feel powerless to do anything about it. It has been said that people cannot stand too much reality, which is why so many people turn to drugs, mindless sex, mindless entertainment, and mindless religion, to anesthetize themselves. Oh! and I forgot mindless politics. We all know this even if we fail to articulate it. It is painful knowledge. But the question is: what to do about it? I was actually more affected by the overall tone of the video, which is typical of much of what passes for comedy, or political commentary, nowadays. Is there a difference? It is filled with angst, and disgust, and pain. The overall feeling I got is hard to articulate, and has nothing really to do with the what he was actually saying, but the feeling I got from it. Esoteric, I know, but bear with me. The tone was like the feeling you get from a victim of sexual abuse, someone whose view of life has been made rough and ugly, in which only the vilest language can hope to convey the psychological torment. It is difficult to watch, and not really funny, although I often do laugh. Human beings have been abused by those in power since time immemorial. Ask yourself if you were given the opportunity, if you had the power that these men have had (the ones I referenced above), would you have been different? Power does things to a person, the old adage holds true, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I don’t know the answer to this dilemma. We have had many revolutions, the French and Russian revolutions come to mind, when the common people rose up and said “That’s enough! It is time for a real change!” only to have the revolution usurped by criminal gangs which developed into criminal governments. I could write on and on but I have a life to live, such as it is. I believe that at some point, the US will have a similar upheaval, and hopefully, we can prevent another, as the Who put it in “Won’t be fooled again”, “here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.” If we can manage to keep the internet free, or, at least relatively free, we may be able to finally disrupt the age-old power structure , and reach for something new. Did I hear anybody say Wikileaks? But that’s another can of delicious worms. Peace out (I can’t tell you how much I despise that expression!).

      • I don’t think he is expressing outrage or anger, more like ‘despairing incredulity’ at our collective stupidity. I’ve watched a lot of this guy’s videos and he has this great knack for calmly (and devastatingly) getting straight to the heart of the matter – and articulating it so well. I recommend you check out his ‘Statism is Dead’ series.

        I agree these people in power are as much adrift as we all are – bound by their own circumstances. In fact we are allowing ourselves to be bound by their limitations and inadequacies. Very bad idea!

        I liken their power to be like that of vermin. In truth they are weak and pose no real threat……… yet if we don’t take out our own garbage, clear up our own mess and instead spend years (generations!) sitting on the couch watching TV and throwing half eaten pizzas onto the floor then yes they will take over and infestate our homes and lives. And then they DO become a problem and a difficulty to get rid of.

        And re: change. What’s interesting about politics and ‘leaders’ is that they are in fact excuses for us NOT to change. They always offer (in fact insist) to make all the necessary changes *on our behalf* ….. so that we don’t have to .

        This is so ingrained in us we can’t see it. Most of us don’t know what change even is. And the same goes for ‘values’ and ‘beliefs’. You wouldn’t ‘value food’ but never bother actually eating, yet this is how we all (have been taught to) value things like freedom, rights, information etc.

        The revolution needed is an internal one, a philosophical one, yet it needs to express itself in every day human interaction (in culture). It beins with the sharing of new ideas and this has only really been possible in the last decade since the internet etc. And already it’s starting to hit the streets.

        It’s easy to focus on the dumbing down, but millions have started to wake up and become at least more open to new ideas and willing to discard old ones (such as having faith in our ‘leaders’ or trusting the media).

        After ‘losing faith in the system’ the next step must surely be trusting our own hearts and using our own imagination instead of relying on others all the time. Sounds corny but isn’t!

      • Well put. People like me thought the revolution from within was occurring in the early seventies. We were so optimistic then. But the internet presents an opportunity to put this kind of revolution in motion, We can create a culture without boundaries, in fact, it is already happening. The fact that I am unemployed and running out of money dampens my enthusiasm about the future, but I think there are reasons to be optimistic, and keep on putting the truth out there. Thanks for your comment.

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