New Job Nu Shooz New Outlook on LIfe


Well, it finally happened! I got a job! Not a temporary job, a job that should last as long as I can manage to keep it. I am working for a newspaper, magazine shop, being trained to be Assistant Manager so the owner can take the time to be with his family, and not have to be at the shop all the time. I am eager to learn all that I can, and to do a good job.
This proves that even in a dreadful economy, it is possible to land a job. I was getting plenty worried as I watched my money disappear.
This turn of events has given me a new outlook in general. I tend to look at life as opportunity instead of survival. I also got some new shoes the other day, or as any respectable (or disrespectable) skate boarder would say, nu shooz. And, inevitably, I have suffered the usual sores on my heels which come with breaking in new shoes. It serves as a metaphor for life I think. Even though I now have a new job and can lose the stress of not having a job, I now have to go through the breaking in process of having to get up early each day and being dog tired after work. There is the stress of not knowing if the job will work out. But the big difference, of course, is that this is stress of my own choosing, not the grinding lack of choice found in unemployment, having to accept your fate. Now I have a chance to guide my fate to an extent.
How can my success be an inspiration for those of you who still hunt endlessly for a job? Well, first of all, I went ahead and sent a resume to this place even though I wasn’t the ideal candidate. I lacked the experience he clearly would have preferred. But I didn’t know that he was having a difficult time finding anyone who could fit his needs, and therefore was willing to consider me in spite of my lack of the exact experience he needed. Also he commented that I was a no bullshit kind of person, very straight-forward which he appreciated. He liked me.
These are qualities that served me well in this instance, but in others I suspect it has cost me jobs, in that I refuse to play the transparent games you are taught to play in interviews, which often don’t work because they come across as insincere and rehearsed. Nevertheless, some interviews who come from a corporate culture, resent not hearing these sales pitches they have been accustomed to. They probably have hired people on how well they performed in their interview, “selling” them in the way corporate culture has trained us in “selling” ourselves. Such approaches don’t come naturally for me. I just try to be sincere and give a good impression without going out of my way to try to impress. I do try to focus on the needs of my prospective employer instead of my paltry needs. Everybody just needs to know: what can you do for me? Remember this is a business, not a charity.
I will try to post more on how this job progresses.
I had been so depressed over the economy. I suspect that Obama’s jobs plan won’t get through the House. The candidates running for the Republican nomination are more depressing than usual. I hate to think that Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann may become our next President. But if Obama can make it clear what a Republican victory could mean for all of us that aren’t rich, perhaps a Republican victory can be prevented.

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