Monthly Archives: November 2011

An Overdue Post


I am overdue to post something on my much neglected blog. I have a job now, at a magazine, newspaper shop. However, because of my tendency to make many frustrating mistakes (giving out the wrong change, forgetting to ring something up, or not noticing when someone wins money on a lottery scratcher), I probably won’t be working there long. I have an interview coming up for a thrift store, but I might just have the same problems there. So this a difficult time, in spite of having a job. Some of the problem has to do with getting older. I am 58 years old, and I forget things. I think my anxiety about doing well affects things as well. I am also getting frustrated with learning Ajax in association with Javascript. I put things on the student server for the school I am attending, but the PHP program isn’t being accessed. (I realise that non-web designers will be scratching their heads over this.)

This is a time when everybody is on EDGE. With the extreme poverty and unemployment, with the struggle for democracy and justice worldwide, this is a time of transformation. And I just feel tired.

What are the ways in which each of us can make a positive difference in preventing a major meltdown of our society. I hated watching and listening to all the yuppies that come into the store, with their little dogs, and their cluelessness regarding  just how difficult life is for so many of us. They are wrapped up in their relatively comfortable existence. I feel considerable bitterness over my condition. I have cataracts which limits my vision, making it really difficult to do well at work, but I am not bad enough to qualify for SSI. Hopefully there will be more posts soon.

Me and Buddy