A Sweet Time with a Wonderful Friend


Since I have been pretty cranky, and pessimistic lately, I thought I would post a heart-warming account of the sweet time I had today with a wonderful friend. She is a very private person and would not want me to blog about her. So she shall remain nameless. While I could describe her as my Vietnamese-American Margaret Cho “look-a-like” friend, she is actually more like an Asian=American Diane Keaton. But even that doesn’t describe her because she is unique. She has a youthful vitality, and something interesting to say about just about everything. As she would put it, she has a wacky sense of humor. It is a delight to listen to her as she shops, offering her viewpoint on the things she encounters. We are the same age, but I was struck by how young she looked when she arrived this morning for our little outing. I don’t have a lot of friends, and so it feels good to spend time with someone as sweet as her. (although she isn’t always sweet, sometimes she can be a tough cookie. Whenever I get caught up in how difficult my life is, it really puts things in perspective when I realize how much she has gone through in her life. I don’t know what difficult is.

I am also happy to see that I have “followers”. I had begun to believe that I was blogging into a vacuum. There were never any responses. But apparently, there are people that want to see more of my novel, “Our Day Is Done”, which means I need to stop fussing with it and put it out there. I might put more on my blog, but the whole thing will appear on Amazon.kindle. I’ll keep you posted (literally). I want to try to articulate how I feel about any number of things. It will be a challenge to overcome my fatigue and just plain laziness, and work on my novel, maintain my blog, record an album, put together a stand-up routine, and put together an interesting podcast. Well, maybe not all of those things. My cat won’t let me. I have to provide quality lap time. It wouldn’t be so bad but I have to pay him. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

In any case, I hadn’t been in the Christmas Spirit at all, and seeing my friend has brightened my spirits. The only rotten part is the loneliness of coming home to an empty apartment after being with someone. Of course, there is my cat. Boy! he is going to be mad when he sees how I left him out. He is such a bully! I’m going to stop letting him push me around. Stupid cat. Yeah! that’s right! You heard me, furball!

About russell5087

I am 58 years old. I introduce the world to San Francisco, that is my job. I took classes in web design, photoshop, flash. I used to work at a book store. I have a blog at russell5087.wordpress.com

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  1. I just got to see my best friend from childhood a few weeks ago. He is an amazing person and I am always uplifted every time I see him. Of course I get sad after I leave, because one visit is never enough.

    Keep believing in you! You have a bright light that you should not be afraid to show to the world.

    • Thank you so much! It is easy to forget how valuable friendship really is. My mother always said “don’t hide your light under a bushel”, which always made me laugh, because I imagined myself walking around with a basket over my head. Although I often have a cynical pose, I’m pretty much a marshmallow underneath. It amazes me that my friend, after seeing all of the horrors of the Vietnam war firsthand as a little girl, could still be such a bright light. It restores my faith in human nature.

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