A teaser for my novel (first posted on facebook)


Here I am ruminating on the subject of my novel, Our Day Is Done, instead of actually editing the novel itself. I’ll get to that!! My novel has a kabbalistic subtext. For those who know, there is a mysterious realm within the kabbala, the ruin ruled by Choronzon, and filled with Chaos and confusion. Before it became a ruin this realm, known as Daath, was a place of self-knowledge. In my novel, the protagonist, Kenneth Collins, enters the gates of Daath. Choronzon is what remains of the mighty Gods and Goddesses that ruled over Daath. The novel begins with a fevered dream of the end of that golden age, the Goddesses lamenting “Our Day Is Done”. So, perhaps this isn’t the first time we have been left to our own devices. Consider this a bit of a teaser. Now I should get back to my novel.

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    • If you look a bit further on my blog you will find the first chapter of the book. I plan to publish it on Amazon.kindle I just spent a couple of hours editing it. It is even better than I remembered it, I wrote it in 2006 and never finished it really. Now I will. It has the Black Sun, Order of the Silver Star, a Wiccan, and a pervert who has a machine that can shoot down flying saucers. What else do you need?

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