Dark Passage


As I have been going over my novel (still unfinished), and editing it a bit, I am struck by how dark it is. It makes me want to find ways to make it not quite so relentless in it’s sombre mood, and dark, sick, content. Even my sense of humor fails to lift the novel out of that sense of dread. But when I look out at the world and see the dark undercurrent, (hell, it isn’t even an undercurrent at times, it is the primary current) Somebody sets a 75 year old woman on fire. I didn’t need to know about that. I see how the Egyptian military are beating and raping women protesters. That I did need to know about, so as to remind me that the work isn’t over. I noticed that I misspelled Kim Jong Il’s name in my previous post. That is because I subconsciously considered him ill, one sick puppy. Puppy is too nice, one sick fuck. No, fuck is actually a beautiful thing, one sick , what to say…….one sick Newt Gingrich! That feels right. You know things have gotten really rotten when it is Newt Gingrich. It will become a saying, “Man that was so Newt Gingrich! I thought I was going to get sick!” Ok I’m being silly. Given some of the stuff that’s happening, I gotta lighten things up. I know my mood is shared by a lot of people, there is a sense of dread out there in the land. It is so hard for me to get inspired. It’s cold, I don’t have enough money, my job is uncertain right now, I could go on but nobody wants to read that crap.

I am committed to bringing my observations, such as they are, to the world. I will not hide out. I will not give up. I will not eat MSG,

I will stay and fight: the craziness, the insane governments, the desecration of the human spirit, the Republican dummies, the dull but persistent tug of entropy, the even more persistent presence of bedbugs, and my cat’s constant nagging.

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