Christmas morning


Woke up with my cat beside me, eager to get on with….something. Oh Yeah! It’s Christmas morning. Why aren’t I happy? Never mind. You gotta let happiness creep on you, rarely there on demand. Besides my expectations for Christmas morning are too high, that’s a lot to ask for a holiday. Let’s give Christmas morning a break, and let it be what it is. I typed Christmas into the search field of iTunes, so I’d get nothing but those tunes. Not a good idea! You don’t realize how insipid most Christmas music is until you hear nothing but Christmas music for two hours. Better to hear it occasionally. Sorry to be a Christmas buzz kill, but there is so much hype over it, that by the time the day arrives you are ready to move on. But I had a few nice Christmas moments. I strongly recommend “the Christmas Song” as sung by Doris Day and the Les Brown orchestra, recorded back in the Forties. Because I had never heard that version it sounded fresh. Very nice arrangement, and Doris Day is a surprisingly good singer. Everybody knows the Nat King Cole version, so it was nice to hear a different arrangement. But here I am with my cat, no where to go, nothing much to do. The guy above me had his friend over with the dog, so that was really loud. Nothing really changes, especially on Christmas day. It is kind of a rest stop before we resume our journey. Now what? Eat some more? Why not. It’s Christmas!

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