Gay Sellouts


I am not Gay. But I may as well be. Even my own family thinks I’m Gay. It seems I don’t really fit in anywhere, but that isn’t what I wanted to blog about today. Who wants to hear my sob story anyway? (If you do, let me know and I will send you an autographed picture. Not of me, just an autographed picture of some random person). But back to the point I have yet to make. I want to issue a complaint. What has happened to the LGBT community? Are they aspiring to the same bullshit values that straight people have held  on to long after those values have rotted and left a stench that can be detected even in the remotest part of the globe? I think so. Being gay used to mean something. It used to be dangerous. While there may still be isolated cases of outrageousness, being LGBT is rapidly becoming mainstream, but not in a good way. They are selling out. Of course you can say that I have no right to bitch about that, given that I am not gay. I don’t like to be pigeonholed as anything in particular, and I think that sometimes an outsider can see things a bit clearer than an insider. It seems that gays (by gay, I am actually referring to the entire LGBT mix, because ‘gay’ is less cumbersome), but it seems that gays have been yearning to live in that fairy tale world of Aunt Em’s farm, from the Wizard of Oz, or some other fictional Brady Bunch kind of existence. That American Dream never existed, and never will exist. It is a toxic idea. The straight world is nothing to aspire to, I can say from experience. Why would gays want to live a comfortable, conservative, humdrum existence? Are you only interested in kicking back and watching cable tv, and joking about trivial bullshit for the rest of your lives? What triggers this diatribe are all the things I see happening here in San Francisco. The gay pride parade has become a family-friendly, corporate sponsored, unthreatening  middle American affair. If it weren’t for the occasional drag queen and the rainbow flags, I swear it could be a parade in Des Moines. This is not how it should be. ‘Family values’ and ‘Family Friendly’ are code for the oppression of children. We do not need to ‘protect’ our children from sexuality, free-thinking, and outrageous behavior. That teaches kids to be intolerant of unconventional mores, and fearful of sexual expression. We should educate our children, not place them in a protective bubble, with the hope they won’t end up as fucked-up as we are. They will. Too bad. This is a fucked-up world. It is better to teach kids how to deal with the dysfunction which inevitably accompanies reality. The idea isn’t to aspire to some unachievable utopia, in which there are no male genitalia. The idea is to embrace life, warts and all, and learn how to become functional, learn how to be honest, and real. No more fairy tale chimeras to drive us insane. At least, that is my vision.

Wake up! LGBT community lest you become your enemies. And let’s make being gay dangerous once again!

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