Why Facebook Sucks


More ranting I’m afraid.

Have you ever noticed how much Facebook sucks? and yet you still use it, or may even be addicted to it? I brought up in my last post about the illusion of intimacy. This is the dangerous allure of Facebook, except for those people that understand that it is all bullshit, and refuse to take any of it seriously. That should be me. I am usually the cynical one. But I had hoped that Facebook and Twitter for that matter, might actually be an opportunity for total strangers to connect with one another about real things. I thought that this could be a chance to make a difference in the world and with each other. Instead, I see a lot of trivial bullshit. I guess trivial bullshit is ok, but it is hard for a total stranger to care about your particular trivial bullshit. That is the sort of thing you reserve for friends, or family. Guess what I ate today? Oh, I can’t believe you ate that! etc. For me anyway, that is a waste of cyberspace. That’s what text messaging or phone calls are for. I am in a profound funk. I am really disappointed in Facebook. If this is an accurate picture of humanity, then we deserve to go extinct. I mean really!!, people, let’s raise the bar a little, elevate the level of discourse so we can save this fucking planet!!, for Christ’s sake! (literally!!) All of my life I have tried to cut to the chase in my communication, let’s get to what really matters. I have found a few kindred spirits along the way. I would like to find more. But, you know what? you wouldn’t believe how many morons, assholes, and absolutely worst of all!, celebrities there are on the internet. All of it is a huge waste of time. If you have nothing to say, if you just want to be cute, or, most of all, you’re  just trying to sell something, get the fuck off of Facebook!! You have other places to pollute, leave Facebook for people who genuinely want to connect with one another. Put your lame ass on Youtube. I am positive you will get a lot of hits. Everybody loves a moron.

Trying to make your presence known on Facebook, or the internet in general is very frustrating. For one thing, you have very little idea of who you are dealing with. People click Like, but they don’t comment, which puzzles me. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t like something well enough to comment on it, you don’t really like it. I crave genuine communication which contributes to each of our lives. Shouldn’t that be what Facebook is all about? I can’t stand Mark Zuckerberg, although I can acknowledge his genius in creating this drug called Facebook. He is the number one pusher in America today. His vision for Facebook is for it to be a marketers wet dream, a paradise for laissez-faire capitalism. All the communication is scooped up by businesses so they can better target you with their non-stop ads. There is absolutely no real meaning, or spirituality, or anything else to this vision. It is T. S. Eliot’s Wasteland come to life. Empty shells of human beings clicking Like, and buying useless crap, sharing trivial nonsense as a pale imitation of life. Welcome to Facebook.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I will continue to challenge that fucked-up paradigm. I will continue to offer my views, and share my heart with the faceless population that might see my posts, and the “followers” that express some interest in my rants. I will because I am addicted and because I keep thinking that perhaps I am wrong about humanity. Maybe there are some real human beings out there that I can have genuine communication with.

I just take things far too seriously, don’t I???  Here is a silly cat video to make you feel better.

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  1. i think you have to focus on an industry or hobby within which you work or have a sincere interest. then you will begin to connect. but what do I know, my artist page on FB only has 11 likes, and two of them are my moms

  2. Your point is well taken. I should look into specific groups which are of interest to me. But i couldn’t find a group for “cranky old assholes” anywhere. I guess I’ll have to create it myself. “Attention!! cranky pants everywhere. Now you have a home!” Everybody loves to rant, then they regret it and go in to edit out the really crazy stuff. So there should be a place where you can go nuts, just don’t make it personal. Anyhow, thanks very much for your comment, at least you didn’t just click on Like. I think that Facebook would be a lot more fun if people commented more, so an interaction could occur. I was hoping to stir things up, but my words were sincere. I’ll have to check out your site, I mean, how boring could it be? (I dare ask).

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