Slow Light Changes Everything


I had to post something regarding an article in today’s SF Chronicle. “Tiny ‘hole in time’ makes a brief event disappear.

Scientists were able to control the speed of light in such a way that for a tiny fraction of a fraction of a second true invisibility could be achieved. Not only rendering an object invisible, but an entire event. If this experiment could be expanded to enable a scientist to slow light even more, and thus extended the time in which we are left in the dark, conceivably they might be able to conceal several minutes of activity. What this could mean boggles the mind. Perhaps activities could be blocked from our view indefinitely if light could be slowed to such an extent that it is essentially motionless, moving at an almost imperceptible rate. If this could be achieved you could hide a whole universe of activity. Perhaps this is why our so-called dark matter or dark energy is dark. The light from this matter or energy or whatever the hell it is (we can’t see it anyway so it could be anything!), is simply moving at a very very very very slow rate, maybe reaching us in about a billion oh no make it a trillion years, or since we don’t know enough to say anything intelligent about it, it could even appear in, say 2012? What would appear, you say. Well, all I can say is “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” Always good advice.

This could explain a lot. Or not. But when I read it, I had this weird but wonderful feeling that this little smidgen of information might lead to a breakdown of all of the physics that we have come to know and love, and we will become privy to a multiverse unlike anything we can even imagine. Not even Steve Jobs could have anticipated this. Not only will you be able to hear me now, but you will hear and see and feel all of the me’s that have ever existed, or could exist. All of it, right there, where darkness once stood. One of the first laws of physics (as I understand it in my little pee-wee brain) is that All is Conserved, Nothing is Lost. There can be no true extinction. It is all there, hidden by the slow movement of light. I have no idea if I am making any sense. I need to go to bed!

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