My Street of Dreams


I had another remarkable dream last night. I was in a very nice little neighborhood, all in black and white, with little shops and restaurants. I was gazing down at the sidewalk, and I could hear Frank Sinatra singing “Welcome to my street of dreams”. I could see an image of him singing in black and white intermixed with the sidewalk and the leaves falling. It all looked like a cartoon. I could probably make a Flash movie out of it. I might just do that and post it. It was very enchanting and peaceful. I woke up briefly with a smile on my face. When I went back to sleep, I found myself in a brightly lit shoe store, in color this time, and Cher was standing there. She was young and beautiful with long black straight hair, and dark eyes, and a cute nose. I got fairly close to her, and she looks at me as if to say “Yes? What?” and I was too shy to respond. That was it. But it was quite vivid, and beautiful. It was like I was taking a little tour of the fifties and sixties in my subconscious. I know it left me with a really good feeling. Then, I woke to another day unemployed, and a personal matter to clear up, if possible. Ah, yes, real life. It’s a bitch!

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    • Well, the b&w Sinatra bit was a lucid dream, in that I was creating it as I went along. Perhaps in the future, if Ray Kurzweil is correct, we will be able to download this stuff straight out of our brains onto a hard drive. It would save a lot of time! Could it be that the multiverse is like one big iPad, awaiting our interaction? Could be.
      On the other hand, when I feel myself getting carried away like this, I think of the Zen monk who said “I understand now, Master! That boulder is in my head!” to which the Master replied “Then you must have a very heavy head!”

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