Joy of Comments


Comments. Nothing like it. I like comments in the morning, comments in the evening. I just like them. Doesn’t have to be long, so long as it’s there. It’s what I do this for. Sometimes I check my email and see that someone….I don’t even want to know right away!!! My heart starts to race, I click off of Yahoo, and watch a little tv, maybe read a little. I like to put it off for a little while. Maybe someone left a comment. I wonder which post they commented on? I admit it!!! I feel a little disappointment when all I see is a Like. Say something, don’t be shy. Just a little one. No one needs to know. You could even write, “I really liked your story and so I…I…I hesitated for a second. Do I really want to….yes! yes I do, I press Like, and it feels really good!!” But I agree that that is a bit too intimate, especially if it’s your first time clicking Like on my blog. I understand.

But comments…..I agree that sometimes you read something and it’s ok. I mean it didn’t rock your boat or anything, but it wasn’t bad. You don’t want to comment just to do it, you know? Everyone sees through that. “Wow, great comment. why did they even bother?” So Like is appropriate under those circumstances. Only there should more choices: Like, Really Like, and Can I Have Your Address? or Dislike, Really Dislike, or Get Off the Internet! Well, maybe not. I don’t think rudeness works well, in any context. So…..bad idea.

Getting back to comments. I like comments that really get into the meat of what they like about the post. I want lots and lots of lavish praise, basically. It isn’t easy cranking this shit out day after day. I mean I could continue to write about my circumstances, but who wants to read about someone whose life is falling apart? No I think humor is better, and sex. It makes me happier, and the reader likes it too. So remember that comments are what a writer craves. They like their comments warm, fresh out of the oven, with lots of butter! Let me know what you felt as you read my words, did your face grow suddenly hot? What were you wearing? (Actually…..since some comments are coming from guys, you can just say ‘hey bro’ awesome blog!’ That totally works!

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