What Gives?


What gives?

Out on this Martian plain?

The spidery craft are rusting out

Their evil intentions

And the Angels took the A train

To Nowheresville Daddy-O

What gives?

When the noblest arctic invention turns sour

And no power plant shakes sugar

Into my plastic park?

What gives? say you?

You gotta  problem with acts?

That start out ok but soon the facts are out

What gives?

Under Blue Moon porchlight

With a lack of wherewithal

See ya later alligator

Slip and slider, lifted higher

Till ya crawl y’all

What gives?

With your cracker jack grin?

and fucking Huckleberry Finn?

The juice done all run out

Polly an’ cracker pulled out all stops

No more tweeny weenie

polka dot bikini

In the pocket of my jeans

Top illustration by Robert Williams, and the song that played while I wrote this is below, “Pharoah’s Dance by Miles Davis

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