What Contribution Can I Make?


I want so much to make a contribution to the world around me. I am so frustrated by my circumstances. I am still unemployed and I may not be able to pay my rent. Panic lurks beneath an otherwise placid exterior. I live each day as if I were not dangling over a precipice. I focus on how to get out of my predicament, sending my resume out to any likely prospect. This post isn’t more of ‘woe is me’, or ‘can you help me?’ I want this post to be about what I want my life to be about. I want it to be about creativity. I want to bring more joy and laughter into the world. I want to let people know they are appreciated. I want to leave this world knowing I have left a positive mark behind. Perhaps there is still a way out of this dilemma, I don’t know, and I am growing tired of thinking about it. There has got to be better ways of spending my time.

I watched the State of the Union address and liked the part about all of us having each other’s back. The time of only thinking of yourself and your survival isn’t going to cut it, in the future. We need to begin looking out for each other. We all have something to contribute. We need to be given the means to give fully of ourselves. Employers need to cut us all some slack. Instead of only considering the bottom line, they should become actively involved in giving all of us an opportunity to make a difference at their business. We may not be the best candidate, but we would still have a contribution to make. It would be worthwhile to hire us, and would begin the process of turning our economy around. All of us need to participate in this process. If a large portion of our population is lost to chronic unemployment and homelessness, that would truly be tragic.

Recently I wrote a post recalling how I felt about America when I was a kid. I would like to feel that way again. Millions of talented people are being passed over because they are older, or because they have recently been in school and do not yet have years of experience in their new set of skills. This is wrong!! I took classes in printing and web design. Because I haven’t been hired to put these skills to work I am getting a little rusty over time. I need to be working!!!! I want to be writing for a living, but I realize this is a slow process. My hope is that my circumstances won’t dictate that I can no longer use a computer to get my voice out.

I am not alone. There are millions of us. While the economy is slowly recovering, it isn’t happening quickly enough. So I continue to look at how I can use my talent and skills to make an impact in the world. I am not just kicking back and daydreaming about winning the lottery. Not that I haven’t thought about that, but it isn’t my only thought. Our lives can be so much better! This is how I perceive the internet, facebook, blogs, and twitter. These can be tools for helping each other out, instead of for meaningless chit chat. The chit chat is ok, but let’s do more than that. The opportunity is there to transform our society. We really can help each other in profound ways. Gossip can give way to genuine communication. Each of us should ask ourselves and each other: What contribution can I make?

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