For When My Life Feels Rotten


It is the beginning of the crunch! The money isn’t stretching as far as it should. I’ll be late with this, late with that, and I still don’t have a job. But am I going to let it get me down? Well, a little bit it seems. I did a lot of lying down and resting on my bed today, after spending many hours this morning at Human Services. It looks like I can get GA, General Assistance, but only about $333 a month. My rent is $629. But I don’t want to drag my readers down into the dumps with me. I don’t know what lies beyond the bend, and around the next corner. And I am so sick of these expressions. I have used them too often!  To hang in there is not a fun thing.

When my life feels rotten

I gotta sing

Nothing else matters as much as

anything else

When all of it is losing steam

And becoming ragged

But I keep on smiling

Why not?

My despair will not pay the bills

My depression will not save me

Lifting up my spirits may be a hard thing

to keep on doing day after day after day

But I’ll do it anyway

This was going to be a little pep talk for myself, but it isn’t working real well. The heavy weight of reality is making hard for me to shine as brightly as before.I need help. I need a lot of help.

This is how the brain goes when I am beyond my cares and woes, and just tired. I need inspiration.

I’ll get out of this mood

I predict sunny skies ahead

Even though I don’t believe what I just said

Sunny skies ahead

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