Just when I thought I couldn’t come up with anything to write other than the depressing crap I posted earlier this evening, I came across in my infinite supply of images in iPhoto, some great examples of the underground cartoons of Jim Woodring. These cartoons mostly concern Frank. It is hard to determine just what sort of animal Frank is. Is he a cat? Is he a beaver? Is he a, I don’t know, a chipmunk, maybe? What is even more fascinating however, is the world that Frank inhabits. It consists of these structures which look like brightly colored kid’s toys. There is a sort of pigman, and other strange denizens in Woodring’s universe.

I first came across Frank at Virgin Records. Remember that place? There was a damaged hardback book of Woodring’s drawings. Woodring. It reminds me of rotting wood filled with various creepy insects, which is similar in some ways to what he depicts. This is a subconscious realm which always gets my imagination going. There is never any dialogue, just a silent pantomime with, I suppose, some sort of moral. I love the colors, although some of his better work is black and white. It deals with harsh realities in a comical manner, much like fairy tales. Jim Woodring could be said to be creating children’s books for adults, or perhaps he is the shadow side of Walt Disney. Check out his website I warn you. You will get hooked!

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