I hacked onto this blog. It wasn’t hard. No firewalls, no security, it was pathetically easy! Russell Miller should consider himself lucky. I could have been some Nigerian terrorist, But I may not have long, so to the point. I have been getting a lot of flack lately, especially from that left-wing bastard Jon Stewart, about my plan to establish a moon base by the end of my second term. I think it is a groovy idea! Just think of the possibilities! My friend, Donald Trump, likes it too. He’d build there! Wouldn’t you like to live on the moon? Tax free!! Then, vote for me, you idiot! Nobody else is going to have this kind of genius. I mean, let’s face it, I am smarter than you. So when I say vote for me, you should take my advice. You elect me, and we will see who has the last laugh.

I have dreamed of a lunar city since I was a kid. I remember this pulp science fiction magazine I had, and the cool looking picture on the cover. Lunar City! I wanted to live there when I grew up! All you need is a dome! That’s not so hard! How do you like my little Photoshop collage? I am so happy to be on that cover! Actually, I confess, I used Gimp. It’s free and I’m cheap ok? It’s not like I want to do stuff like this all the time, I have a campaign you know? But it is pretty cool. Did you notice how I…Ok Ok I’ll move on!!! Did you know that I am also a writer? Well I am!! I wrote a little pulp novel called City On The Moon, and that’s me on the cover, along with my wife at the time. I didn’t bother to give her a helmet. Let her die a sudden death, I say. Just kidding!! Jeez! I’d never do that to my wife. I’m just having a little fun. What was that? ….You don’t think I really wrote that book? It looks phony to you? So prove it, if you are such an expert. Picky picky picky. You remind me of that little miss prissy Mitt Romney. I’m just having some fun, alright? This Gimp is kinda fun, I think I’ll do some stuff with me in the oval office, you know, maybe a scene when me and Vladimir Putin standing in the Volga, holding up our fish. Of course, mine is bigger! When I become Presi

Ok!! This is Russell Miller. I don’t know for sure how Newt Gingrich managed to hack into this blog. I should never have opened that attachment (but I could have a fourteen inch penis? I had to check it out). It turned out to be a bunch of crap, but that was probably how Gingrich pulled it off. Sneaky bastard. Frankly, I use Gimp too, and I think I could have done a better job! But I’ll leave his stuff here so you can check it all out. It is pretty funny. Pathetic, but pretty funny.

me outside my lunar city!

My book. Gee, my wife looks like she's having trouble breathing. tee hee

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