The Problem with Obama


I killed Osama ben Ladin! Is this the best he can offer us!

He doesn’t excite me like he did in 2008. He isn’t getting a handle on the economy, and he blames the Republicans. That is lame. Does he expect us to believe that the only way anything can get done is for the Democrats to have a huge majority in both houses of Congress? Other President’s found a way to push legislation through in spite of having to compromise. Obama deferred to Pelosi and Reid instead of taking charge. He strikes me as someone who is more concerned about being liked than being effective. He seems out of touch.

So it may surprise you to learn that I plan to vote for him. It is simply because the alternative is far worse. The Republicans have really gone off the deep end. The degree to which they are out of touch is truly scary.  It frightens me that about a third of the country have really crazy ideas! These nut cases need to be educated. Those of us that know better need to stop tolerating this nonsense and be vigilant in our defense of the truth! How could it happen that Rick Santorum would field a question about Barack Obama in which the questioner said Obama was a Muslim, and Santorum doesn’t correct him? Does Rick Santorum believe Obama is a Muslim? Or was he just afraid he would lose a supporter if he corrected? This is bullshit. These people should be no where near the levers of power. This is where fascists find support, the ‘Big Lie’ plays really well among these people.

But Barack Obama is hardly our fearless leader. I don’t think he particularly cares whether he is reelected or not. He doesn’t seem engaged in his re-election campaign. He goes through the motions, saying the same tired crap he’s been saying for too damn long. While I might agree with a lot of it, it doesn’t inspire me at all! He is boring!! Given what is taking place across our country, he should be fired up, taking on the Republicans with gusto! I don’t think Barack Obama is a true Democrat, at least not in the way I remember Democrats being. He may talk about taxing the rich, but he is a part of the country club crowd himself! He has no real understanding of what the poor people in America are going through. The poor are forgotten, except by a noisy Occupy movement, which is losing support, and the inconsequential left wing. What has happened to liberals? Have they all been shipped off to concentration camps when we weren’t looking?

So, while I support Barack Obama, it is a lukewarm, unenthusiastic support. Clearly, Romney or Gingrich would be worse. Ron Paul would not make a good President. He is an ideologue. He wouldn’t be able to get a single thing done. He would rant and rave, and nobody would pay much mind, because he wouldn’t exercise any true power. The bureaucratic military/industrial complex would not allow it. If he got too feisty, he might even get himself killed. So he isn’t a good idea. At least, Obama will do some things to help us poor folks out. It might not amount to much, but it would be something at least, until we can build up enough support to really mount a true revolution. Then we can begin to have some real leadership for a change, that doesn’t just serve the interests of the super rich. Barack Obama seemed so promising when he took office, it is such a shame that he has turned out to be such a disappointment.

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  1. Only bubble heads continue to support u-bam-a. Ideological fanatics unite to support the supreme loser.

    What has the man accomplished in 3 years? Absolutely nothing. Anybody can make up accomplishments for him. How is the economy,? Education costs? Health care costs? Peace and justice in the world? Safety from terror?

    By any factual measure, the man is a failure as president. Past time for everyone, including u-bam-a, to admit it.

    The government is spending billions of dollars, and for what?

    Censorship is evil.

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