Wake Up !!! My Message to Occupy Oakland


Occupy Oakland plays into the enemy's hands

This post consists of my reaction to the latest bullshit from the Occupy Oakland movement. They were doing fine yesterday, until they insisted on breaking the law by breaking into a vacant building to occupy it. The police responded with tear gas, flashbangs,  and beanbag bullets. While I like the idea of occupying vacant buildings, there is a better way to go about it. If confrontation is the goal, you better damn well have the support, and Occupy Oakland doesn’t have it. If confrontation is your goal, you need to have allies in law enforcement, the local government, local businesses, the military, and of course, the general public. It needs to be in the thousands, not hundreds. It needs to be fucking overwhelming, if confrontation is the goal. Otherwise it alienates almost everyone. Only the bonehead anarchists are left. The people that didn’t give a fuck before, and don’t give a fuck now, are left. These are not the people you want leading a revolution. They are guaranteed to screw it up, because, as I said, they are boneheads. They are courting violence. That only works at the tipping point of revolution, when you have overwhelming support which the government and military cannot successfully resist. Guys????? You aren’t even remotely close to even the beginning of such a movement. So stop the violence, it is getting you nowhere fast. The worst thing Occupy Oakland did yesterday had to be the invasion of City Hall, where they burned an American flag (great PR move, boneheads!), and trashed an exhibit of children’s art (what point did that serve?). This is precisely the direction Occupy Oakland should avoid, at all costs, lest they lose even more support. What were these people thinking? I can sympathize, being unemployed and dangling into the darkness of my own fears, but I am not ready to throw in my lot with a lot of Robespierre wannabes. The ultimate result is not pretty, because the American people are not quite ready for revolution. They won’t back you, and it might even push them into the arms of Romney or Gingrich. We need to find a better way.

The original focus of Occupy Wall Street was excellent. They wanted to educate Americans regarding the ridiculous gulf between rich and poor in this country. And not just that, but recognizing the consequences of this gulf. We can’t all be filthy rich, but we can be filthy. And this is what is happening. Unless there is a fundamental shift in priorities, and the rich recognize their obligation to turn this economy around, things are going to get a lot worse for everyone. But we need to wake up!! When I see people obsessing over Kim Kardashian, or who is going to win an Oscar, or some twitter bullshit, it tells me we are out of touch. I don’t think the American people in general realize just how fucked up things really are. The super rich of this country have blatantly ripped off the rest of us, and I don’t think that has sinked in quite yet. Although it may only be bikini underwear, the Emperor seems to still be wearing clothes. He’s naked, people!! He really is! Wake up!

Here’s some sobering video of yesterday’s events in Oakland

So what am I trying to say here? Well, first off, I am truly impressed at the degree of organization, commitment, and courage show by Occupy Oakland. It would be a shame to squander all that because of a minority of boneheads.  I think breaking the law is a bad idea. Unless you have a significant proportion of the police on your side, you are fighting a losing battle. It occurs to me that the boneheads want blood, they want casualties, because that might produce a sympathetic backlash in the public, supporting the movement. But at this stage, it would most likely lead to deadly polarization throughout the country. Violent language could lead to actual violence. I lived through a period of polarization with violence just under the surface during the early days of the counterculture. As I pointed out before, a tipping point must be reached before you throw your bodies on the barricades. We need to be finding ways of networking with government, businesses, and just regular folks, to forge a true mass movement, that the rich fuckers cannot ignore. Free enterprise is not the enemy. The grotesque abuse of free enterprise, which isn’t ‘free’ enterprise at all, is the enemy. These ultra rich bastards have raped the free enterprise system and left it to die in a ditch. Small business owners could be, and should be allies of the Occupy movement. Why not adopt a strategy in which the owners of vacant buildings invite Occupy Oakland to occupy their buildings? It could happen with the right attitude. But I guess that isn’t dramatic enough for the dumb asses that have poisoned this movement.  Trust me, if you let the anarchists have their way, it will fuck everything up in ways you cannot imagine. We’re talking anarchy!! Duh!!! Look the word up in the dictionary! It doesn’t mean social justice, it means no government at all, everyone doing whatever they fucking want to do. Anarchy lasts for about a week, if it’s lucky, then it degenerates into a vicious authoritarianism. Whoever has the guns, gets to make the rules. And they won’t be fun rules, folks! Wise up! Wake up!!

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