I Am So Grateful


I am so grateful to the two people who have stepped up to help me in my need. I am now able to pay my rent for February! In spite of being turned down for General Assistance. One person I hardly know, but she lives in my building and she has helped me in the past, when I needed a ride to the hospital. She is a life saver. The other person is a precious friend. Thanks so much!

This tells me that even though life can truly suck, there are people who go out of their way to help. I must do everything I can to get a job! I must not make their sacrifice for my sake, go in vain. Because I can’t expect to get this kind of help in March as well, and April, May…. I have to get it together very soon, like tomorrow. But this does give me a bit of breathing room. Come March I hope it isn’t the same old story. I have got to make a difference!

I feel so guilty when I am helped in this way, like I am not deserving. I feel sometimes that I am in the shape I’m in because I haven’t tried hard enough. If I had done a better job at my last job, etc. But that was beyond my control, all of this is not due to my neglect. It is hard for me to get that, though. I don’t agree with Herman Cain. It is not the fault of the jobless that they are jobless. (Certainly there are exceptions, but as a general rule.). And did you hear the latest from Mitt Romney? He isn’t concerned about the poor because there is a safety net for them. That safety net doesn’t prevent homelessness!!! It isn’t enough to pay rent and bills. So what is the point? Granted, it is better than nothing, but thanks to the way big business has screwed up the economy, government can no longer afford to keep the poor off the streets.

Although I will do my best to land a job again, it looks quite grim. I recognize that I will very likely need help again, and it won’t be there. What can I do? I am open to suggestions. In any case, I am grateful to kind hearted people. At least for now, I am in good shape. But that will change. I just pray that I win the lottery real soon, so that I can not only help myself, but those people that have helped me. I would love to get my friend out of her dire situation. It’s all about money. What a pitiful fact!!

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  1. People can be so amazing. It makes my heart feel so happy that the people in your life care for you so greatly. We’re all in this together, as much as we can be. I hope this is the start of things looking up for you.

    Have you written letters to congress people/representatives in your area to talk about what is happening to you? Our society makes no sense to me, the way, as I said, we’re all in this together, but our society is not really set up that way.

    Anyway, this post made me feel good, at least for a moment.

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