Drums of War


Here we go again!! Marching off to war. This time it is about Iran, and once again we sit helplessly watching the news get more and more grim. Are we a few months away from another ‘shock and awe’? Another long war, bleeding us dry? It sure looks like it. Same old saber rattling as in 2003. We are even using the same old excuse. They are going to OMG, OMG!!!! they are going to build a OMG, Oh go ahead and say it, it has already lost it’s shock value. A nuclear bomb. Only they don’t have one. So our lame excuse this time is over what they might build if we let them. Here’s a question, lest I be regarded a domestic terrorist for voicing it. Why does Israel get to have a bomb and not Iran? Is that fair? Or for that matter, why do we get to have them but not Iran or N. Korea etc. Why not insist that Israel get rid of it’s nuclear weapons? Why not insist that everybody get rid of the damn things. Oh, we don’t know for sure Israel has nuclear weapons, I hear you say. Get real. They have them. Of course they do. And they will use them if Israel is in danger of being defeated. I am sure of that. The question is whether Iran wants to risk war. They surely know they cannot win. As it stands there is a great debate within Iran over this issue. These are people that are willing to die for their faith. Many Iranians would consider it an honor for Iran to be reduced to a smoking radioactive wasteland. Other Iranians have more sense. If Iran sees that we will insist that they intend to build a bomb, then, why not go ahead and build it? You know, it’s like the wife who believes her husband is cheating. Even if he isn’t cheating, if she is convinced of it, he may as well cheat on her. Same difference, Let’s not push Iran into that kind of corner.

Ron Paul is the only person making sense on this issue. He sees how insane it all is. We are allowing Israel to lead us into war! Why aren’t there large crowds in the streets protesting this?? You know what? It made me sick when Obama opened his State of the Union address bragging about killing Osama bin Laden. It was brazen politics. It reminded me of George Bush Sr. bragging about ‘Operation Desert Storm’ in his State of the Union address. What kind of bullshit is that? Did we brag when we dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Of course not!, so why all this bragging now? Our killing of bin Laden made very little difference in our fight against the Taliban. They weren’t taking their orders from Osama bin Laden. He had become largely irrelevant. It was a propaganda victory. It was bullshit! It had as much significance as our finding and arresting Saddam Hussein. Now Hussein is dead, and Iraq is still on the brink of a Sh’ite, Sunni civil war. It made no difference, his capture was a PR event. It is no accident that the Navy seals were put into action once again, in a dramatic rescue of hostages in Somalia, right in time for Obama to bask in it’s PR glory on the night of his State of the Union address. Sure it was great that they rescued the hostages. It was great that they killed bin Laden, and captured Hussein. That isn’t my point. My point is how these things were used. These events had a political motivation. There are plenty of other cases of hostages being held by terrorists. Are we going to send in a Navy Seal team to save their asses? Of course not. Why did it make sense to send in troops to remove Saddam Hussein, but doesn’t make sense now to send in troops to remove Assad in Syria? The Iraqs weren’t even in the streets demanding democracy. We are hypocrites!

I feel the same way now as I felt back in 2003 in the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq. I hear the same inflexibility. There are those who believe it is in the interests of the US to go to war with Iran. It is part of a grand plan to pacify the Middle East and make it safe for Israel. Unfortunately they have the President’s ear. It is a time honored tradition that Presidents start wars to ensure their re-election. I hope this is not the case this time.

To clarify, I support Israel’s right to exist. I believe there is a way for the Palestinians and the Israelis to coexist. The Palestinians need to stop attacking Israel, and Israel needs to stop building settlements on the West Bank. There has to be a give and take, in order for there to be peace. And no nation should have nuclear weapons. They have been a sword hanging over our heads for too long!! To quote John Lennon, “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” However we need to stop dreaming and take control of our destiny, lest it be guided for us!

Finally, for those who would claim that I am unAmerican or unpatriotic, I say that is always the complaint lodged by Fascists. If you refuse to click your heels and shout ‘Sieg Heil’ you are not a true German and are unpatriotic. Bullshit. There were many Germans who opposed the Nazis, just as there are many Americans who oppose the crap that the US is involved in today. We are the true patriots, in my not so humble opinion.

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