Rod’s Train Set


So, to get my mind off of the posts I deleted, I’ll move on to a fun topic, train layouts!! I am a total geek when it comes to this, and the crazy thing is that I don’t have and have never had a railroad layout. But I love them. It has to do with the idea of creating a world of your own. The real joy is in creating it, and constantly tinkering with it. Because, otherwise you can only just look at it, watch the trains go around the track, take pictures of it, show it to friends, and then you’re done!

One of the best train layouts I have ever seen was created by Rod Stewart. Yes, that Rod Stewart. He is totally into it, and works on his layout constantly, even when he is on tour, renting a hotel room just for him to work on things for his layout. He opens the windows even when it is freezing to keep the airplane glue from damaging his brain. What a geek! But check out this layout, it is so detailed, it is crazy. It is set in the 1930’s, one of my favorite periods to recreate, provided I ever get the opportunity to do that. It would seem that model railroading is a male pleasure. I haven’t heard of any female model railroad enthusiasts, but I’m sure they are out there. What is it about trains, anyway? Part of it, I am sure, is nostalgic. It is so romantic, and of course the whole phallic thing, but trains suggest a journey, a lonely mysterious journey. Paul Simon’s song “Train in the Distance” (which I would have posted if it weren’t for my agreement not to post copyrighted material!) captures the feeling of the train perfectly. So go buy that stinking album, it is “Hearts and Bones”. Here is where the ad for that album would appear. How crass!! But I need money folks, I am unemployed etc etc But back to the subject!!! I have daydreamed about building a layout ever since I was a kid. In fact I had a half-ass one. It didn’t have a railroad, just tanks, soldiers, and sand. I didn’t realize that actual sand was a bad idea. So the tanks are trying to navigate through all this gravel. But I was a kid, so I didn’t care! Today I daydream about building a Batman themed layout with a bullet-nosed train tricked out to look all Batman related. Anyhow here are some photos of Rod’s layout. Pretty impressive!!

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