Kick Out The Soapbox


Sick of it?

I am so sick of ideologues!! They can be of any stripe, right wing. left wing, no wing, I don’t care. They give me a headache. I am just a guy with a blog. I post what I think. It may be bollocks, but it is my viewpoint. (What? Am I English all of a sudden?). It may be nonsense. (Thanks. much more American). I am not an expert in foreign or domestic affairs. I don’t have an agenda, well….wait, of course I have an agenda but it is only to try to cut through the bull. If that is humanly possible in this media saturated world. It is hard to know what to believe, and sometimes you just gotta go with your gut. I hate ideologues who will bury you in an avalanche of information, all of which is designed to sway your opinion. Is my opinion so bloody important (bloody? ok I’ll let it pass.). They are so caught up in their crusade that they can’t engage another person in a genuine, human, way. They are on a soapbox. On my blog, only I get to have a soapbox, and even then I would appreciate having my soapbox kicked out from under me, because I don’t want to become an ideologue. Any soapboxes I see, I plan to kick it out from under you. I want my blog to be about genuine, truthful, human interaction, not the airing of political agendas. I am not interested in posting somebody’s manifesto as a comment. Just be a human being, ok?

The reason I want to kick the soapboxes out is because it just doesn’t work for me. It is suffocating. The odds that anyone’s point of view is going to be changed by a diatribe is slim. You get tuned out after the first few sentences, unless, of course, you are preaching to the choir. They will gobble it all up and ask for more. If you like, I can refer people to your blog or website and they can partake of your wisdom. But not here. I want things to be from the heart, based on personal experience, not some crap you have read or watched on youTube. This is about a personal connection that matters. So no ideology!!! I’m sorry. It just makes me sick.

I believe all of us are duped in some fashion. We are conditioned by what we read and hear. We are bombarded by propaganda day and night, by people a hell of a lot smarter than I. So I know that I am manipulated. It pisses me off. But don’t come along and presume to be an authority, who is free of manipulation. I don’t buy it. You are also being duped. So what can you do? That is an excellent question. Who can you trust? You can trust your own experience. Anything else is just opinion, and should be treated as such. I don’t think my opinions are important. Why should you? They are my thoughts, and they may be interesting, or not. If you agree with those thoughts, then you enjoy reading about them. If  you don’t you might feel the need to set me straight. The world is full of people eager to set everyone else straight. They have the real deal. They are an authority. And they have an encyclopedia of documentation to back it up! You don’t want to mess with these ideologues, unless you want comments that are as long as Das Kapital. I don’t have the patience. I started out thinking I should give everyone a right to comment regardless of what it is. But soapboxes??? Do you really want to read comments that are , in fact,  just somebody on a soapbox screaming at you?  My guess is that most of you don’t.

I am guilty of this stuff too. I expect to be called out on it, too. But like I said before, I can refer people to your site so they can immerse themselves in your viewpoint, and get information that they won’t get elsewhere. That is worthwhile. If Adolf Hitler were to comment on my blog, I would be happy to refer people to Mein Kampf and let them make up their own minds. I call that giving them enough rope. I think it works better than trying to keep information from people. I would also refer people to literature on the holocaust to balance things out. It is important to get all of the information, not just the stuff you like. So, anyhow, I hope to keep this blog soapbox free, so that it is more fun to read, and you don’t have to be a graduate student  in poli sci to appreciate.

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