Tragedy in Syria


Assad's army slaughtering Syrians in Homs

I think one issue we can all agree on is how tragic the situation in Syria has become. Hundreds of people are dying, being shot down daily by the armed forces of Syria. Because journalists are not allowed inside Syria we only get a sketchy view of what is going on. I watch grainy videos shot by protesters which are out there risking their lives to bring down a brutal regime. The sickening thing about it is that we in the West are partly to blame for this situation. The Syrians saw how NATO came to the aid of the Libyans in their fight to topple the Gaddafi regime and thought they might receive the same kind of help. They say otherwise, but I suspect that hope was there. It is true that we cannot be the world’s policeman, and step in whenever such things are happening. If for no other reason, we simply don’t have the resources. It is sickening to watch Assad butcher his citizens, and have to stand by, helpless to prevent it. I am touched by the incredible courage and sacrifice of the Syrian people. God forbid it should ever come to that here in the USA. But I have already ranted and raved about encroaching fascism here, and I don’t want to revisit that again just yet.

It is shameful that Russia and China vetoed any UN action to prevent the carnage from continuing. Russia is now making an effort on it’s own to broker some kind of peace, but I suspect it would be a peace on Assad’s terms. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the vetoes took place however. Almost  daily I read about the outrages taking place in Russia and China when it comes to human rights. They are autocratic regimes who don’t give a damn about individual human beings. Vladimir Putin doesn’t even bother to pretend that he is not an authoritarian figure. It is obvious and he struts about proudly displaying his authority. However the Russian people are taking to the streets, even in a record-breaking cold, to protest  this ridiculous charade. Unfortunately, is is unlikely that anything like what happened in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya would ever happen in Russia and China. At least not any time soon. But I feel the United States and Europe should be actively working to aid the forces of democracy in Russia and China. Too often we are guided by economics instead of  by what is right. We should be the beacon of democracy, setting an example for the people struggling to free themselves from autocratic regimes. We can give them something better than iPads and iPhones. Lets give them something to aspire to.

It dismays me that the Egyptian revolution may be stillborn. The Egyptian military is forging an alliance with the Muslim fundamentalists. This could spell the end for true democracy in Egypt. I am even more enraged by Muslim religious fanatics than I am by Christian religious fanatics. The Muslim zealots would return the world to a medieval mind set, in which people’s arms are chopped off, women are disfigured or killed for the slightest infraction, and any freedom of thought involves risking one’s life. This cannot be God’s work, but perhaps Allah is some other entity. But no, I don’t wish to disparage all Muslims, just as there are good Christians who are doing good work, there are good Muslims doing the same. It is true that the press focuses on the extremism, and the not so dramatic and sound bite worthy people who are just quietly doing good, don’t get the news coverage.

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  1. Hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered in the Darfur genocide in recent years and it’s still going on. Where’s their intervention? Indonesia routinely kills hundreds of native people in its jungles. Why no intervention there? Something fishy is going on and the mainstream media is only telling part of the story as per usual. They’re trying, and succeeding, to build a war fever like they did with Libya and Iraq. Only 5,000 dead in a year? It might sound callous but that’s not many people when compared to worse places like I just mentioned.

    China and Russia are right to be suspicious of the West. They authorized the no-fly zone in Libya and look how that turned out. It turned into a regime change and ended with Qaddafi (who really wasn’t that bad of a guy if you do some research on him) getting shot and sodomized on camera with a knife. And the US has become an authoritarian state just like China and Russia. Remember the NDAA and ACTA? That’s authoritarianism at its finest.

    Anyway, Syria is the only ally of Iran in the region. Once they’re out of the way, Iran will be next. This is all part of a grand plan to dominate access to the middle east’s oil to keep rising powers like China and India in check.

    • I agree that the genocide being committed in Darfur and Indonesia should get the same kind of attention. I am suspicious of what the media tells me. I may have been swayed by propaganda, but I don’t like to see people slaughtered anywhere for whatever reason. It is very hard to know what is really going on, or who to believe. Nevertheless I am no fan of Russia or China or Gaddafi. I do believe they oppress their people. Those people protesting the rigged elections in Russia weren’t paid by the CIA to be there. Nor are the protesters in Syria in the pay of the US or Nato. How can I know? I don’t. It is what I believe. I could be wrong. I may have been taken in by the media. But I am equally suspicious of the kind of left wing stuff you would have me believe. I do believe we are gearing up for a war against Iran, I am not convinced that the events in Syria are a part of that. But it could be. That said, I hate with a vengeance the fundamentalist Muslims that rule Iran. As bad as the West can be, which is pretty bad, I choose the West any day over Russia, China, Gaddafi’s Libya, Syria, or Iran. Although there are disturbing trends towards fascism in America, we are not as corrupt and authoritarian as Russia, China, Iran, or Syria. At least, not yet. Again, this is my duped opinion. I am totally fooled by the American media. But how do you know that you are not equally duped by left wing propaganda? How much of this do you know firsthand? or is it from things you have read and heard?

  2. Thanks for the reply. Well let’s start with Libya. Pre-intervention, the Libyan people had universal free healthcare with access to some of the best medicine in Africa, they had access to free education all the way through college and got money put into their bank accounts when state owned oil companies sold oil. Sounds pretty great, right? If the rebellion was as popular and wide-spread as the media would have us believe then why did it take so long? Why were the rebels losing? This is the Arab world. Everyone has guns. If it was a popular revolt then Gaddafi would have been swept away. And many rebels were photographed with America and European weapon models which weren’t supposed to be there and some of the fighters looking suspiciously Caucasian. And now look at it Libya. It went from being one of the more prosperous countries in all of Africa to being a cesspit ruled by tribal warfare. A letter also surfaced from the Benghazi rebels to France that promised to give Europe exclusive access to the majority of the oil. Gadaffi may have been eccentric and a little crazy but he ran the country much better I think.

    I wrote several articles about the Project for the New American Century and it’s successor organization, the Foreign Policy Initiative which I’ll give links to. It’s full of neocon chicken hawks with delusions of grandeur. After a few years they managed to sneak their way into the Bush and Obama administrations and set everything in motion. Notable members that you probably know are Dick Cheney, John Bolton and “Scooter” Libby. They’ve all signed the charter which can be found online.

    • Well I can see that you are much better informed than I. So well informed that I wouldn’t even presume to offer a different opinion. I’m just some guy. I don’t have your credentials. All I know is that everyone has an agenda. Gaddafi did. The United States clearly does. The Neo cons have their agenda. And you have your agenda. Me? My agenda is to give my opinion as best I can given what I read and hear. It may be that I am mistaken in my beliefs, but you have not convinced me that that is the case. Life was pretty damn good for the Germans who supported the Nazi regime, before the war started. If you joined the party, you had access to all kinds of wonderful things. The same was true for Communists in the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam. I have a friend who has relatives in Vietnam who cannot receive state-supported health care because they are not members of the Communist party. I suspect it was much the same in Libya. Life was great for the Gaddafi supporters. But what do I know? I’m nobody. You are the expert in these matters.

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