Caution!! (Bad Attitude Alert)





I have a bad attitude. I admit it. I always have. It is written on my elementary school report cards. Not really. My bad attitude doesn’t go back that far. Why can’t I just be polite? Why do I lose patience with people? Here I had someone who was kind enough to provide me with the facts regarding the sinister role played by the US and NATO in Libya, and in Syria even as we speak! The facts! Given that we live in a totalitarian dictatorship in which this blog could not possibly exist, and facts are impossible to find, this is nothing less than incredible. And I had to screw it up with my bad attitude. I didn’t say he was wrong, I was just a wee bit skeptical. I complimented him on his expertise and knowledge which obviously surpassed mine. I never claimed to be in possession of the precious facts. I could only offer a skimpy little opinion with no documentation. How lame is that?? I guess I was a little put off by his wanting to be my teacher. I have never been all that great a student, and having been a teacher (briefly), myself, I know that teachers can be full of shit as easily as anyone. Not that this guy was full of shit, for all I know he is the foremost expert on the Middle East taking time out of his busy schedule to let me know the facts. Could be. Nah!!! I really doubt that. I am not that important. I offended him. I have a bad attitude. Just another day on the internet. The crazy thing about it is that I went out of my way to not keep his facts away. Check them out! You still can! They are right there with his comments. This is information you won’t get on the evening news. But who takes any future facts away? He does. Because I fail to grant him the proper respect given a Reichsfuhrer. Actually the odds of his being a Reichsfuhrer are about a billion to one. So if you want the real dope on whats going down in the Middle East, it’s not hard to find! Check out the comments on the Tragedy in Syria post on my blog. The guy that sounds like he’s standing on a soap box? That’s the guy. He has the facts. Check it out! He has a very nice blog, well designed, very attractive. I like the fact that he doesn’t have a wall between what he says and thinks. I can vouch for that. He clearly says what he thinks. There is worthwhile information here. He isn’t a nut. I respect his information and his point of view. He is very well educated, and seems to know what he is talking about. I almost wish I had had a better attitude. But he is just too damn important for my little pee-wee brain.

So what should we take from this episode? I beseech my fellow bloggers to give me feedback. Once again I post something regarding netiquette, “Facebook Murders”, and I violate my own rules. Actually, though, I don’t think I was rude, just testy, a bit sarcastic. I don’t like experts. I can hardly suppress the urge to cut them down to size. I especially dislike left-wing Politburo types. They can be unbearable. Just think, if we lived in a Communist society, we would have to put up with those guys all the time, and pretend to like it! But I got off the point, didn’t I? What is the best way to deal with ideologues? If you’ve got somebody commenting that is intent upon letting you know the facts, which seemingly only he has, and he wants to set you straight, what do you do? Let him have at it?, and keep your damn mouth shut? Engage him? Go back and forth presenting your opinions, which in the heat of argument inexplicably become facts? That seems endless and tedious. Or should you just toss his comment in the trash to begin with? That feels like censorship to me. Unless someone is just spewing out expletives I feel I should let them have their say. At no point did I try to shut this guy down. He had his forum and chose to take his ball and bat and go home. I can’t say I am sorry.

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