Man Behind The Curtain


What is really behind this terrifying visage?

My last post got me to thinking. Remember the Wizard of Oz? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. This is how I like to characterize my investigation into conspiracy theory. I have a nagging feeling that things are not as they seem. There is a falseness to ‘reality’. This explains the appeal of religion. Here is an attempt to reveal the truth behind the appearance. I am not sure how much of that is truth and how much is propaganda. Nevertheless it feels like someone or something is behind the curtain, pulling the levers. Who? What? I have a few ideas, which is all they are. I like to let my mind run free without regard to fact, just to see where it leads me. Then, I can sort the fact from the nonsense.

It seems to me that whatever is behind the scenes doesn’t want us to know about them. They also want to deceive us into believing certain things which serve their interest, not ours. It seems to me that we are not what we seem. We are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. I think we were used unwillingly in an experiment many thousands of years ago. I think we may have been cross-bred with primates. There are problems with that idea, I know, but I’m just engaged in wild speculation for now. Facts can come later. Our true nature is very different. We can actually have an effect on the time space continuum. We can mold reality. Those who conducted the experiment may be the same sort of beings (or perhaps, spirits) as ourselves, or they may be different. I’m not sure. But I think they also have the ability to mold reality. This ability makes any investigation very problematic, for obvious reasons. If they. or we can manipulate reality, we can alter ‘facts’ to suit our agenda. Without a firm foundation of facts from which to work, rules of evidence are meaningless. But it may not be entirely hopeless.

I propose (still in wild speculation mode), that whatever is behind the curtain, does not want us to know our true nature. Because then we would realize that the, let’s call them the Annunaki just for fun. The Annunaki or ‘Watchers’ are the mysterious ‘angels’ which interestingly appear both in ancient Sumerian writing and the old testament. We would realize that the Annunaki have no hold over us. However, we are not convinced. We suspect that we are immortal in our true nature, but we are so entranced by our material nature and the reality which accompanies it, that we fear death. Death, after all is the threat which all forms of authority use when all else fails. But what if death only reveals our true nature? The whole ugly edifice falls apart, and we see the horrifying, threatening God was just an illusion produced by an old man behind a curtain. That actually was the idea, in part, behind the Wizard of Oz. L. Frank Baum was inspired by theosophical writings. (I believe that is right, it may have been Rosicrucianism, but it was some form of mysticism) Because too many people were beginning to realize that death is not what they thought, the Annunaki had to threaten us with Hell,  an eternal suffering. But if you think about it, if something is eternal it loses it’s character. Also if suffering is not accompanied by pleasure, it ceases to be suffering. It just is. To a discerning mind Hell is ridiculous, a hollow threat, a tactic used by someone who is running out of ideas.

Of course this all sounds very anti-Christian. It makes the angels the bad guys. But not actually. There is an interesting passage about the sons of God having relations with the daughters of men in Genesis, which could be the experiment or the sex crime which led to our existence. Wouldn’t that be something? Our existence is based on rape and molestation. Actually it makes perfect sense, at least to me. Could it be (still in wild spec mode), that Jehovah and Allah are not the same entity as the Loving God of Jesus? Could they be like the phony Wizard of Oz? Pretending to be the true God? All this demanding worship above all others and even sanctioning genocide doesn’t fit too well with the God of Jesus, now does it? Maybe, just maybe, that was the con that Jesus hoped to reveal, before he was crucified. Jesus’ crucifixion may have been the first cover-up in a long line of cover-ups. So this so-called God may be a good culprit for who is behind the scenes, or possibly his angels (Hebrew for henchmen). I realize this is also my own personal way of reconciling my love of Jesus with my detestation of those who are supposedly his followers. They follow the false God, Jehovah, which is real big on obedience and punishment, but not so hot on love. Same deal with Allah. There just seems to be something dreadfully wrong with Western Religion, a kind of schizophrenia. It is hard for me to reconcile the loving God and the other guy.

But back to the subject. Anyone who threatens the established paradigm, the agreed upon reality which keeps us blind, is dealt with. Beginning with Jesus (although there may have been earlier victims as well.) This is one theory based on my over-active imagination. Actually there is a religion known as Gnosticism which has some similarities to this whole scenario, at least I think it does. I’m not a religious scholar, just a guy with a blog and an overactive imagination. If there is any truth to this, the Annunaki (or Illuminati if you like, doesn’t really matter what name you choose), the bad guys plan isn’t working as they would like. In spite of the way the truth seekers are stigmatized and pushed to the periphery, their ideas, their speculations, do get out there, especially in the age of the internet. Our true nature will become more and more apparent. The true nature of Death will become known, and not just to those who die. I believe the so-called spiritual realm is actually physical, but in a way we don’t fully understand, but I suspect it is electronic. We may be very tiny units which interact at unbelievably faster than light speed. In the future we will find a better interface than the kind of body we presently use. The outside appearance may stay much the same for sentimental reasons, much like people who drive cars that look vintage but have entirely different engines.

But I have gotten off the track. In summation, all of the above is just me thinking out loud without regard for the ‘facts’ or what I really ‘believe’. It is more fun that way. Consider it metaphysical brain storming. The facts? There are Sumerian writings which if interpreted in the way Zecharia Sitchin would have them interpreted, do describe a creation of a being by a civilization which appear to have had spaceships. There is, of course, the Bible, the Old Testament, which does describe a mating between human and angel. These are all writings. Nobody has found a fossil of an angel, or an ancient spaceship. Yet. Or maybe they have and don’t know what they have. There have been many organizations that have had a global agenda of, at least, economic and spiritual control of the earth. The extent to which they were successful is debatable. The Illuminati is one. They actually existed. There is no direct evidence of a world wide organization pulling the strings, the Bilderberg Group, and Council on Foreign Relations notwithstanding. Money talks, but world control? Probably not.But this is your evening news sensibility speaking, which allows you to chuckle and reach for another Dorito, safe in your little iPod, iPhone, iPad world.

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  1. In reading this (good stuff) and then your take on your religious thing, I feel just as confused as you seem to be 😉 Nah, I do understand. I was raised in a Baptist church myself. It was hard letting go of Daddy God, he makes us feel safe. It’s been burned into us that we need a savior. But it just isn’t so. The only savior is within us. Jesus may well have been a real person, and somewhat like the historical description of him, but… This energy (“Jesus”) has come to me here and there, as has that of Mother Mary. I’m not religious–anymore, I see those beings as energy with messages for me. Energy that may or may not have been human (some say “angels” were never human, and they come to me as well). When I first began to “awaken” to the fact that this reality is definitely not what it seems to be, what we’ve been lead to believe, I was “hearing” (they said they were my guides) a lot of interesting things. The first thing they taught me, that they put great emphasis on, was symbolism. Both myth and literal happenings are speaking to us symbolically–and that apparently is very important for us to keep in mind. There are significant symbolic messages in that old book, but at the same time, it is having taken it literally (and the twisting it around by re-writings and re-interpretations) … it’s been integral to leading us down a destructive path. Think about it, if we need a “savior,” that teaches us that we are weak (like the Sunday school song we sang, “we are WEAK, he is strong) that makes us powerless–per our beliefs. If we believe it, it becomes so. And the world will match that. As within, so without. Behold what we’ve manifested from the belief that we need caretaking. Daddy god called government (and mostly male)–pretty much does what it wants and we feel powerless to do anything about it. On the other hand, if we wake to the fact that WE are the strong ones, needing no savior, what might we manifest then? Whatever you feel speaks to you, that gives you messages/answers and consolation, is nothing outside of you. It IS you, you are “Jesus” and all the rest. And to continue to believe that you are less than “it,” (or anything) is to guarantee you will continue to manifest a life where you are “less than,” and powerless to change things. The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies. It speaks of exactly what I’m saying here. We had it all along–within, not outside or above us. There’s one thing, Life–and it’s all inside of us.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comment. It has occurred to me that the Jesus I experience is actually myself, my true self. However, if Christians are happier with my giving it a more Christian slant, I don’t have a huge problem with it. Jesus pretty much says the same thing when he says we all have Christ inside. I want to get along with all sorts, and so I avoid being dogmatic in whatever I say. Belief gets wrapped up in ego so often that I am leery of any belief. I prefer the Zen pointing to . For those that know, it need not be given a name. People get confused when they are told they are God, because the self they know is the Ego, and they have no experience of something else. I have often experienced my mind as something other than myself. I am in total mystery as to my identity. Anything I say seems to miss the mark. What you wrote is in close proximity to what I have long “believed”. But as I said, I am skeptical of belief. Or as George Harrison said, “It’s not me, it’s my mind that is confusing things.”

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