I Need Money


My life is fine

I won’t waste a dime


But there is just one thing

Tugging at my brain

I need money

It would be so sweet, just to stick to this beat

And waste my days away

But I need money

To live and to love and have a place to stay

I need money for me, I need money for you

I need money

I don’t need nobody telling me how I need to be

I just need a little green to make my life complete

I think of this and I think of that

I wear my lucky hat

No matter what I conjure, whatever I enact

I need money, baby, or it will just fall flat

You might like my little story, funny photo, rant and rave

But it’s money that I crave

Don’t think that I am shallow, crass, insane

It’s the lack of money, that leads to this refrain

No criticism, evaluation or blame

You need money too

I know you’re just the same

I need money to play

I ponder and I fuss

And sometimes I feel stuck

Just money

Could provide the cure

I appreciate the sunshine

And the blogging has been fantastic

But I need money

That is just about the size of it

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