Nightmare Scenario


Have you ever felt like everything is closing in on you? It’s hard to concentrate on anything, you forget things, and something is looming ahead, and all you can do is stare into the headlights? Huh? You ever feel like that? Well, the entire world feels this way. My own uncertainty is mirrored by the uncertainty of the world. All of the crappy karma America has built up over the decades is coming back to us now. We ‘accidentally’ burn a bunch of Korans, and the Afghans go nuts! It was the final straw after the condescending treatment they have received over the past decade. They hate us, and it isn’t hard to figure out why. How would you feel if you had lost your son, or your grandparents because of a ‘mistake’, and receive some kind of official apology? You would just want the foreign army to get the hell out of your backyard. Wouldn’t you. Our situation in Afghanistan is remarkably similar to what we did in Vietnam. We had no rapport with the Vietnamese because we killed innocent people indiscriminately. Never mind that most of the killing was from the air. They hated us. And now we have many other native populations hating our guts. We haven’t learned how to respect other cultures. The people we send over there are rednecks for the most part, ultraconservative America first people who approach native people with condescension, if not contempt. The urinating on the bodies of the dead ‘Taliban’ is typical of American attitudes. This is doing us no good. No good at all. Now I understand how this sort of thing happens, both in Vietnam and Afghanistan, We cannot distinguish between combatant and noncombatant. They don’t wear a uniform, and even children and the elderly are potential enemies. Even women. But we still need to exercise restraint, and show respect. The native population is potentially the best asset an army can have. If you have them on your side. They can identify the enemy and they can drive the enemy out, much more effectively than we can. If they care to do so.

However things have reached such a state that I think our interests are best served by just getting the hell out of there. But no, we will never do this, because we need to save face. We can’t just acknowledge we’ve made a mess of it. The future looms before us like a curtain of fire. Iran is not going to be bullied. They will fight. In their eyes, they have little to lose. To fight and lose is more noble than to succumb to the West. This is a recipe for disaster for all concerned. We do not have the will or the resources for another war. We have painted ourselves into a corner with our inflexible and downright crazy alliance with Israel. Israel is going to have to fight for it’s survival, and we are wedded to them. If they fight, we do. We need to get out. Of everywhere in the Middle East. We have to stop trying to orchestrate events. It is creating a deep seated enmity towards us. It gave birth to Osama ben Laden’s jihad against us, and we are making fresh enemies every day. The people that are rising up against their oppressors aren’t risking their lives in order for us to show them the way. We must give up our arrogance, our belief that we are somehow wiser than the ‘backward’ people of these countries. Having the courage to recognize our arrogance and to stop our meddling would go a very long way towards avoiding the pending catastrophe. Unfortunately, none of the candidates for President, except Ron Paul, recognize this. Once again, we helplessly sit in front of our television sets as the world prepares for war. I hope that I am worrying needlessly, and that calmer heads will prevail, but it doesn’t look good.

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