Emperor Putin


All hail Emperor Putin!

Vladimir Putin isn’t sure he wants to be President for eight more years, bless his little heart. After ignoring the wishes of the Russian people, he still expects to rule with impunity for as long as he likes. This is narcissism and arrogance rivaling Napoleon. I would hope that the protests continue apace, and grow in size until Putin is forced to seek exile on some remote island like Napoleon. All hail Emperor Putin! But not for long! I would like to see an end to the reign of the rich and arrogant, not only in Russia but in the United States as well. You have to have millions upon millions of dollars at your disposal to successfully run for President. Only the corporations can provide this. So far, grass roots organizations cannot compete, as the Ron Paul candidacy demonstrates. It’s sad, but true. I had hoped that Kasparov would be able to have an impact in Russia, but he didn’t even bother to run for President. He knew the cards were stacked against anyone opposing Putin. I believe the tide is turning for people such as Putin, but it may prove to be a bloody tide!

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