San FranHoms


What if fighting broke out here in San Francisco?

We have been watching the horrible assault within Homs, Syria each day on the news. It occurred to me that I could use my Gimp skills to bring home what it must be like in Homs, by combining photos of Homs with photos of San Francisco, my home. I would say Enjoy! but that is not the intention. This should serve as a somber reminder that we may find ourselves under assault from an authoritarian government in future decades. The fight in Homs is a fight for us all, because the corruption of the rich and powerful is what enables these assaults to continue. It’s happening in Homs, but it could happen anywhere.

Divisadero St. is under attack!!

What would it mean to have to dodge mortar shells on your way to work? How would you feel if you encountered a building ablaze on normally peaceful Divisadero St.? We lead such a relatively peaceful existence. Certainly there is gang violence, and chronic homelessness, but nothing like what is endured in Syria. Although these collages may be a tiny bit off technically, I feel they serve their purpose in stirring the imaginations of San Franciscans. Below, we see the tanks have made their way into the tenderloin to clear out last traces of resistance, ironically beneath the Obey! logo on the wall! Think about it! Could it happen here?

The tanks clear out a pocket of resistance in the SF tenderloin!

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