A new universe emerges as the Buddha continues to sit.

There is an inexplicable thread, a connection between all things past present and future. I cannot explain or write intelligently about it, but I nevertheless am. For it perplexes, thrills, frustrates, and propels me forward to the next thing, always, the next thing. I sometimes feel as though I am serving some other purpose than the one I have half-wittingly devised for myself. I sometimes feel protected, other times the world has conspired to kick me in the ass. What is the point? I grow very tired of asking. I am driven to stay awake when I want so much to sleep. Why? Why do I have so much to say? to create? Am I holding back the tide of death?

This leads to the topic of this post, magic. Do you believe in magic? asked the Lovin’ Spoonful. I believe in that perfect sunny day, when everything is right, and love is in the air. Oh yes, I believe, although Davey Jones is dead, I still believe. Remember that old film, “Field of Dreams”? I know it is corny, but there is truth in that phrase, “If you build it, they will come.” but here is how I would say it. If you can imagine it, fully, in delightful detail, you can bring it into being.¬† No matter how outrageous it may seem, or hopeless, pointless or whatever other adjective your mind comes up with to sabotage your efforts. You must imagine freely, with abandon, without purpose or reward. Imagine boldly! Like a solar flare! This fire of creativity does not lie within a single breast. It is shared throughout eternity, an inexhaustible resource with unlimited downloads. and it’s free!

Yes I know, I have written this drivel before, my skeptical side protests. and what good has it done? To this mind there can be no adequate response. For such a mind gazes into it’s own reflection and it is always exactly the same old dull disappointment, rendering a dazzling array of colors to various tones of gray. Such is the mislabeled discerning mind, upon which we foolishly depend. I do not believe one word of this post and so what? The truth does not seek approval. The truth does not require your vote. So put such foolishness aside. And Dream!

There is a hidden network, a not so silent anymore brotherhood embarked upon the same journey, engaged in the same task. You can find it on the internet, in a small overlooked church, or a restored Victorian house converted into a Zen Center. You find it in a mosh pit, or a tent in the Sudan. You find it on campuses, in military bases, and playgrounds. A single thread connects us all unknowingly, perhaps even unwillingly. Therein lies the magic. In ways we cannot possibly imagine, we truly have the power to do impossible things.

This is definitely one of “those” posts. The ones I nevertheless put out there even though I have my doubts. You see, somebody wrote this using my hands. Or else there is another Russell I am beginning to know better and better each time he writes such things as this. I think I like that idea much better!

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