The furies cry "Murder!"



















There is no act no thought no cursed moment of unbridled rage

Which escapes their attention

They watch as you flee in terror from the helpless knowledge

Of what you have done


Nameless in some filthy quarter for no purpose

‘cept to quench your thirst your hunger for revenge

Murdered in their sleep then burned

Twisting apart the shape of things

Such arrogance has it’s consequences

A brutal justice lies in store for the remorseless stone cold killer

The Furies demand it and the Moon and Stars agree

Justice there shall be!!!

For the butchered innocents in Afghanistan and Syria

And the streets of Chicago, Oakland, and Detroit

Foul! scream the Furies  May you cry out for mercy and find none!

For Murder, in a fleeting moment of crazy glory

Leaves it’s stain upon us all

The Painting is Murder by Franz von Stuck


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