Youth Is Wasted On The Young


Who is this guy? and what is he doing on my blog?

Welcome to my world. I live in a studio apartment in San Francisco, hopefully for a bit longer, Hopefully I will find work soon, or maybe a miracle will occur, and my precious Stock Photo Woman will arrive in a limo and take me away from all this. I can dream can’t I? Boy can I. I can dream like nobody’s business, except maybe Dreamworks. I never smile, I mean NEVER, so this photo looks nothing like me. I am much uglier. Most of the time, people expect me to collapse at any moment from the stress of merely existing. It is hard work to exist in this world. I started to write that judging by the look on people’s faces they think ……, but I can’t see the look on people’s faces so I have no clue what they think. It doesn’t matter. Old guys like me are invisible.

Before I waste more of your time, I’ll get on with why I am writing this. First of all, I am taking a bit of a break from my ongoing Stock Photo Woman project. I did some good work this evening, and now I need some downtime, Writing this blather is my downtime. I am so young…..You have no idea how young I am. It is embarrassing. I was trying to figure out how to get a date with a cute girl and suddenly I can’t see them anymore, and I can’t get a job, and my body hurts virtually all the time. Wait. That doesn’t sound young at all. Well, sometimes I am filled with enthusiasm for no discernible reason. You know how it is with kids? The annoying way they are always happy and into all kinds of dopey things? And you could care less, unless it makes you money? You know what I’m talking about, and even if you don’t, I am going to stop putting question marks at the end of every sentence, Young people don’t understand what it means to be young. They want to be like older people, well. not really really older people, but you know, older like George Clooney older. They don’t know how exhausting and unrewarding being older is. So, yeah, I agree with George Bernard Shaw that youth is wasted on the young. Of course, from what I understand George was a cranky old fart, so what did he know about it? (Back with the question marks, I wish I’d give it a rest.)

I need so many things right now. Better vision (I may get it soon), a job (maybe), more money (possibly), a whole whole whole lot more money (ok let’s not get carried away). Where did that expression come from? I guess it’s the Spanish Inquisition, it used to be that you could be carried away to a dungeon somewhere for being fanciful, or maybe just fancy. What am I saying? I am totally off my intended subject and still using those confounding question marks! I need discipline! Yes! From a lovely young lady. Actually, screw the discipline, just give me sex. I need a lot of that, and yeah yeah yeah, love as well. You can throw that in. Although the Beatles were full of crap when they said love was all you need. Try eating love, try asking love to….I lost my train of thought. Getting older sucks! You lose your train of thought! But I need to be young again, only I still want to know what I know now, you know? I don’t want to have to struggle with acne again either. And I need to be handsome. I was dealt a crappy hand, let’s give it another go, better cards this time. I need to finish up this stupid post. I guess you could say this is a humorous piece of writing, or a stupid piece of crap. Your choice. Peace out! (Who came up with this incredibly stupid expression! Was it the same people that came up with all those dumb rules you have to obey when you join up with the Occupy movement. You know, the hand signals, having to repeat every dumb ass remark the speaker makes? Enough is enough! Too many questions. End of piece. Piece out!

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