My Father and I


A little time travel was required. That's me on the right, Dad on the left.

What would he have thought

I wonder.

At my face and his face

And the inevitable passage of time?

Would he warn me

Console me

Or just be happy to see me?

Happy to see that it all worked out

I’m just fine.

It all happens too quickly my father said

Not long after this meal we shared

You take a breath, thirty years have passed

And everything moves full circle

As the child becomes the father to the man

As my Father and I

Have breakfast together again

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  1. That is a fantastic poem. Very touching and thought provoking. I think any child who has lost a parent or any parent with a child thinks about this. I miss my dad and my grandpa. Very lovely and I so agree with grandpa that life happens too quickly. Embrace life while we have it and live it with love and forgiveness. So true. love it.

    • I don’t know how I missed this comment! Sorry that I have taken so long to respond. I am so happy you enjoyed this post about my dad and I. It is very special to me, I hadn’t realized others had commented on it.

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