Friday the 13th


I grew up next to Hwy 13 in Missouri

Many important events in my life have occurred on the thirteenth of the month. Friday the 13th has often been lucky for me. Thirteen is the number of transformation, a doorway into another realm, following the culmination of the world we know which is represented by the number 12. So 13 can be pretty crazy, or scary, lucky, or fantastic. In many ways it is the most representative number for me. I step outside the normal bounds. It has been both the blessing and the bane of my existence.

But today it has only been an aggravation. Little glitches all day long. Annoyances, inconveniences, etc. leaving me a little out of sorts. This is a dumb post, I think. Just because it is Friday the 13th doesn’t mean I have to write about it. I have nothing interesting to say about it. You can’t really write about it anyway because it is one of those unwritable topics. It feels like possibility run amok. Chaotic sillyness preventing any cogent comment. Thus the irritation. I drop my food on my pants leaving ketchup all over the place, on the pants, on the floor, I feed the soiled food to my cat and he drags it all over my apartment so I am stepping in ketchup all evening long. Welcome to Friday the 13th. Just little things poking at you, irritating you, preventing you from having a smooth uneventful time. The imp of the perverse. Who needs it? when you are tired and grumpy? Nobody. But the 13th has arrived and gives this imp an engraved invitation to the ball.

If it were not for thirteen, guys like me wouldn’t have a chance. It gives us the off chance, the strange twist that allows us to make our way in this world. Dangling off the proverbial cliff is the signature image of thirteen. I almost don’t make it, then I do! Thirteen!!! Of course I play thirteen fairly often when I play the lottery. But of course I don’t win because that would be too easy. Thirteen depends upon the improbable, the simple twist of fate. The invisible door is always there, nestled upon the invisible 13th floor. Thirteen is the number of magic. But it is unruly. You can’t tame this spirit. It messes with you in wonderful as well as tragic ways.

That’s all I got to say about Friday the 13th. I command the imp to return from whence it came. I have a headache!


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