Just Call Me Lightning


Sunday, April 15, 5:16 pm Lightning striking the bay bridge on April 12



Don’t give me no grief, don’t tell me no stories

My nights are filled with blood red roses

And my days with morning glories

Say I’m cool, say I’m frightening

Whatever you do just call me lightning

Don’t hit me up, don’t be a phoney

Don’t say you love me and leave me horny

Say I’m  crass, and you feel like fighting

Whatever you do just call me lightning

As quick as a wink I’m here and gone

What comes around goes sailing out the blue

As cute as pie and quite enlight’ning

Whatever you do just call me lightning

Can’t read no book, can’t see no movie

No traces left, not even a rhyme

With no regrets just call me lightning

3 responses »

    • I don’t think Yahoo likes you. It keeps putting your comments in my spam folder. I am both thrilled and frightened by lightning, I recall a time when a tornado struck my hometown in Missouri, and I just wanted to hang out on the front porch and watch. All those negative ions in the air generated by the tornado gets you excited. I get the same feeling with thunderstorms. The poem was inspired by the lightning and thunder we got in San Francisco on Thursday night. It was quite dramatic. But my cat was oblivious. He is a tough cat. I should write a poem about him, then he might stop pestering me.

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