Obscured by Fog


This photo was taken from this blog http://www.muttmansion.com/ds/archives/2004_08.html

All your life you had dreamed of this day.

With all the bright colors, the smiles and parade.

You would cross that bridge today!

The pictures you would take.

The stories you could tell.

Obscured by fog.

Oh well.

Is this a time to throw up your hands?

Stamp your feet and yell?

Lest your mood make grey your day.

Find another way.

Laugh and dance in the cold damp air

And snap a picture of a bridge that isn’t there.

But of course you know

This is only fog

This too will pass in time

And the bridge in all it’s promise

Will reappear.

This poem was inspired by what I saw as I left work today. A tourist was laughing and happily snapping a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, which was completely obscured by fog. You couldn’t see the bridge at all. But, undaunted, he decided to take a picture anyway. Something about that encapsulated the human spirit. and made me smile.

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