Back Seat


All my thoughts, all my heart, all my ambitious plans, and all my stuff

Must take a back seat

It’s no matter, it’s no matter, it’s no matter what I do

I have to leave it for another time

Waiting, standing, crouching, scanning, I can help, would you like your receipt in the bag?

Are you sure you are ready? Is there anything else that you need?

Thank you for your patience, it won’t be much longer, excuse me while I sneeze

I will be of service, I will show interest, as cheerfully as I can

and all my concerns, my worries, my time to reflect

Are shoved into my pocket with everything else that I gather

It must all take a back seat, put aside, placed on hold

All I can do is do what I do what I do what I do until done

And another day passes and passes and another one still

The back seat is filled

Here I am piddling around wasting time

The day off has arrived

Too much to do and what little time

Save it, save it, save it for all time

For it must take a back seat, and be filed away

 For another day

Now is what’s here, the front seat, control

I push and I try and I scan it again

Until I collapse in exhaustion and pain

But all that I am, and I do I cannot

For it has taken a back seat

And there is nothing up front

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