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Everybody Needs Someone To Love


You may stumble as you walk

and the wind may whip your face

You can’t think of the right thing to say

and so you remain frozen and gray

Somedays you laugh and think it’s not so bad

other times you cry

One thing is for sure

Everybody needs someone to love

You can try to go it alone

and never answer your phone

Walk around dumbfounded

wishing everything were different

If only you were young, tough, handsome and smart

whatever you do one thing holds true

Everybody needs someone to love

You need someone there

Simple and pure

They don’t need to be just right

you may even fight

But everybody needs someone to love


Nothing was there


I snapped a picture of my girlfriend today

and nobody was there

I walked out to the celebration

I had my balloons, I had my silly hat

Nobody was there, anywhere

I tried to call you

I left three messages

I’m still waiting for your reply

I decided to read some of my old journals

but the pages were blank

Nothing was there

I thought I heard birds singing in the trees nearby

Nothing was there

It didn’t help to squint

Nothing was there


Snotty Little Bastards


Those snotty little bastards

Gather around my door

They make their useless comments

As I pass through their dreary world

Those snotty little bastards

are rude

They have no brains

They clog up the trains

With their backpacks, tattoos, and stupid looking hair

These snotty little bastards are everywhere

They think they’re unique

They shop at boutiques

I wish they’d just fuck off

When I try to find out what’s going on

In this high definition world

Snotty little bastards say it’s no use

You may as well stay home

On Facebook they dwell

They are on every cell

It’s a living hell

What if they held an election and nobody voted?


What if they held an election and nobody voted?

And nobody went to work?

What if the gangs stopped killing each other?

What if everyone lost their smirk?

What if Jesus returned and nobody cared?

What if everything were shared?

What if Madonna stopped touring

and meth were a thing of the past?

What then? I ask

Would the birds stop their singing?

Would the phones stop ringing?

Would people stop lying?

Would babies stop their crying?

Would I finally give up my act?

If the server went down

You couldn’t get to town

Blank screens throughout the internet

Emptiness filling the streets

What then? I ask

Would we be afraid?

Would we have a parade?

Would it piss us off?

Or would we just take off our clothes

and relax?

Poking Around


Never know what you might find

Poking around

Might be pretty, could be gross

It might bite, or stick in your throat

Poking around I discovered things

That you might not believe

Tiny little levers that move the universe

Poking around I improvised

Making tools out of tickets

Treasures out of wickets

Poking around I blew my mind

And had to replace the sockets

Poking around is always fun

filling my pockets with gum and soot

Poking around

I just might find the truth

I Dived Right In


She spread herself wide

inviting me inside

I dived right in

and licked to my heart’s delight

I tried to eat her up complete

although there was no taste

I dived still more

into that damp crevice

You really know what you are doing she said

A brainless, sightless worm

burrowing through her secret passages

to curl up inside her room

I dive right in

This is what I do

The Thing Is (lol)


The Thing Is

There’s not enough room

For all your dreams and aspirations

Scale it back, be realistic


The Thing Is

Compromise is a part of life

It is what it is

We can’t finish this conversation

I’m dropping out


The Thing Is

There is only so much money

And we don’t have enough for you

Sorry for the inconvenience

We appreciate your understanding


The Thing Is

I thought you knew we were only friends

While we were hanging around



The Thing Is

My battery is low

Can’t talk now