Beautiful Blogger Award


So sorry I am late

I guess this has always been my fate

To be acknowledged and feel I don’t deserve

and suspicious of the award

Can’t I just allow myself to be liked?

Or does there always have to be a catch? nominated me for this award

My free spirit has been felt by another equally free

Just like me only different

thank you so much with no strings attached

I appreciate what you said

and I am posting this to say so

And to pass the praise along to bloggers I like

And who like me, we, the beautiful ones

who blog

I thank you all!!!

Here are my seven nominees pray tell

That this not be some kind of racket or chain letter

Just a simple acknowledgement of our courageous efforts

1. for she is an honest loving soul

her support and her humor encourage me

she likes me when I’m up, down, crazy, or sane

check out her blog and you may feel the same

2. says it all

i just say that she has such courage and honesty as well

I am honored to have such people following my blog

Check these blogs out for these bloggers have something to say

3. is full of life

shining brightly come what might

seizing the world and all it may offer,

her blog is a delight

4. is all about Coco

and that is all right with me

Dance with this madness my friends,

it just might set you free,

(everybody it seems, nominates this blog, and I am no exception)

5. speaks to me of innocence

a fresh perspective from a loving open soul

thanks for your continuing interest in my work

by the way, Stock Photo Woman nominates you for this award as well

She really likes you, I think I’m jealous

6. for the curious insight

this blog appreciates the way creativity creeps on you when you are not prepared

and you must be ready to strike!!! without hesitation! or the moment is lost

thank you curious doodle from out of time for your interest in my work

7. with simple elegance

inspires poets to continue poeting and to understand

there is no such thing really as a bad poem

All poems cry out to say what cannot be said with mere words

If it speaks to you then a small miracle has occurred

Thank you all for your support and I applaud your blogging!!

I also find it curious that almost all of the bloggers I nominated were women

I guess I just like women


6 responses »

  1. Thank you so much, Russell! I can’t believe you read my blog!

    I never know what to do with these awards. I’m not a good rules follower. I put a link to your blog on my awards page, and thank you so much for thinking of me!

  2. Thanks Russell for the nomination! I feel so special this week 🙂

    PS You should set up hyperlinks in your blog. Do you know how?

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