My Shit Hat


I’m gonna wear my shit hat

To the party tonight

Nobody ever wants to talk to me

So my shit hat will fit right in

Nobody wants anything to do with my shit hat

I get strange stares as I walk around town

With my shit hat

She said “Why don’t you leave that shit hat at home?”

“Unless you want to spend your whole life alone.”

I gave a reply but she couldn’t hear what I said

With that turd on my head

When I finally arrived for my job interview

I wore my shit hat

There I sat and I know that I stank

With my shit hat

Why do I put such crap on my head?

It makes a bad impression

Even though it’s a recession

And everybody seems to be wearing

Their own shit hat

Still nobody wants to have anything to do with your shit hat

Leave it at home

Toss it out, burn it, or just leave it alone

Because after everything is said

And from all that I’ve read

You will never stand a chance

With that turd on your head

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