I Refuse


I refuse to be shackled

and abused

I refuse to set my course toward the blues

I am eternal and will always do it

all the way through

and I am absolutely not going to let anything

limit me, sicken me, hit me from below

this is my pledge

this is my being, my soul

i refuse to roll around in muck and mire

the clouds are my domain

I refuse to entertain the worst

and continue to weave

this quilt of sadness

i refuse to grieve

and court the dead

i refuse to be regular

and do the right thing

i am love and i am sin

i know where I am and where I’ve been

i know no fear

i’m not going to send a post card to the devil

saying wish you were here

i’ve seen a few things

i’ve stroked my penis

made some mistakes

but nothing too heinous

i refuse to be less than myself

for anyone’s pain or pleasure

and i refuse to end this thing

before i’m cotton pickin’ ready

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