Weirdo Magnet


Don’t wanna be no weirdo magnet

Don’t wanna go to extremes

Show all my pain

To a sick and aimless army of voyeurs

Being on the edge isn’t always fun and games

It gnaws at your heart and brain

Far from being a spectator sport

It is a virus, a meme

Eager to infect your brain

Weirdos love me it would appear

And people just like me

Anxious, searching, full of love

and sometimes fear

The darkness is near, but I do not embrace it

I no longer find it so entertaining

So to those on the fringe who court danger daily

I wish you peace, and answers to your deepest needs

You will need all the help you can find

and all the courage you can muster

But I don’t want to be a weirdo magnet

Stay away from me

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