One more note to those of you who read this blog, before I close it out and begin a new and more responsible blog.

If any of you have reposted onto your blog, or copied and published in any fashion any part of my ill-fated Stock Photo series, TAKE IT DOWN NOW. I have removed all of that material and I need for you to do the same. Out of respect for the model involved and her photographer, please do so. I made a big mistake with that series from the outset, and I don’t want there to be a trace of it anywhere on the internet.

As a matter of fact, I ask that if you repost anything from my blog, please ask me first. I just want to know how my material is being used, that’s all.

The internet has become a bit of an outlaw realm, and I contributed to that with my thoughtlessness. The fact that I thought some of the writing in that series was good is completely beside the point. This has shaken me up quite a bit, and I have lost sleep trying to think of how to make it right. If you can help me in that regard I would appreciate your input. All of us bloggers are in the process of sorting out what is appropriate and not, how much to reveal, and how to take other people into consideration.

One thing is for sure:  Whatever we publish gets seen by people all over the world, and some people may be hurt, embarrassed or otherwise hurt by it if you aren’t responsible in your presentation.

Thanks again for your interest in my blog, and thanks to those of you who have followed it.

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