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Drums of War


Here we go again!! Marching off to war. This time it is about Iran, and once again we sit helplessly watching the news get more and more grim. Are we a few months away from another ‘shock and awe’? Another long war, bleeding us dry? It sure looks like it. Same old saber rattling as in 2003. We are even using the same old excuse. They are going to OMG, OMG!!!! they are going to build a OMG, Oh go ahead and say it, it has already lost it’s shock value. A nuclear bomb. Only they don’t have one. So our lame excuse this time is over what they might build if we let them. Here’s a question, lest I be regarded a domestic terrorist for voicing it. Why does Israel get to have a bomb and not Iran? Is that fair? Or for that matter, why do we get to have them but not Iran or N. Korea etc. Why not insist that Israel get rid of it’s nuclear weapons? Why not insist that everybody get rid of the damn things. Oh, we don’t know for sure Israel has nuclear weapons, I hear you say. Get real. They have them. Of course they do. And they will use them if Israel is in danger of being defeated. I am sure of that. The question is whether Iran wants to risk war. They surely know they cannot win. As it stands there is a great debate within Iran over this issue. These are people that are willing to die for their faith. Many Iranians would consider it an honor for Iran to be reduced to a smoking radioactive wasteland. Other Iranians have more sense. If Iran sees that we will insist that they intend to build a bomb, then, why not go ahead and build it? You know, it’s like the wife who believes her husband is cheating. Even if he isn’t cheating, if she is convinced of it, he may as well cheat on her. Same difference, Let’s not push Iran into that kind of corner.

Ron Paul is the only person making sense on this issue. He sees how insane it all is. We are allowing Israel to lead us into war! Why aren’t there large crowds in the streets protesting this?? You know what? It made me sick when Obama opened his State of the Union address bragging about killing Osama bin Laden. It was brazen politics. It reminded me of George Bush Sr. bragging about ‘Operation Desert Storm’ in his State of the Union address. What kind of bullshit is that? Did we brag when we dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Of course not!, so why all this bragging now? Our killing of bin Laden made very little difference in our fight against the Taliban. They weren’t taking their orders from Osama bin Laden. He had become largely irrelevant. It was a propaganda victory. It was bullshit! It had as much significance as our finding and arresting Saddam Hussein. Now Hussein is dead, and Iraq is still on the brink of a Sh’ite, Sunni civil war. It made no difference, his capture was a PR event. It is no accident that the Navy seals were put into action once again, in a dramatic rescue of hostages in Somalia, right in time for Obama to bask in it’s PR glory on the night of his State of the Union address. Sure it was great that they rescued the hostages. It was great that they killed bin Laden, and captured Hussein. That isn’t my point. My point is how these things were used. These events had a political motivation. There are plenty of other cases of hostages being held by terrorists. Are we going to send in a Navy Seal team to save their asses? Of course not. Why did it make sense to send in troops to remove Saddam Hussein, but doesn’t make sense now to send in troops to remove Assad in Syria? The Iraqs weren’t even in the streets demanding democracy. We are hypocrites!

I feel the same way now as I felt back in 2003 in the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq. I hear the same inflexibility. There are those who believe it is in the interests of the US to go to war with Iran. It is part of a grand plan to pacify the Middle East and make it safe for Israel. Unfortunately they have the President’s ear. It is a time honored tradition that Presidents start wars to ensure their re-election. I hope this is not the case this time.

To clarify, I support Israel’s right to exist. I believe there is a way for the Palestinians and the Israelis to coexist. The Palestinians need to stop attacking Israel, and Israel needs to stop building settlements on the West Bank. There has to be a give and take, in order for there to be peace. And no nation should have nuclear weapons. They have been a sword hanging over our heads for too long!! To quote John Lennon, “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” However we need to stop dreaming and take control of our destiny, lest it be guided for us!

Finally, for those who would claim that I am unAmerican or unpatriotic, I say that is always the complaint lodged by Fascists. If you refuse to click your heels and shout ‘Sieg Heil’ you are not a true German and are unpatriotic. Bullshit. There were many Germans who opposed the Nazis, just as there are many Americans who oppose the crap that the US is involved in today. We are the true patriots, in my not so humble opinion.

The Problem with Obama


I killed Osama ben Ladin! Is this the best he can offer us!

He doesn’t excite me like he did in 2008. He isn’t getting a handle on the economy, and he blames the Republicans. That is lame. Does he expect us to believe that the only way anything can get done is for the Democrats to have a huge majority in both houses of Congress? Other President’s found a way to push legislation through in spite of having to compromise. Obama deferred to Pelosi and Reid instead of taking charge. He strikes me as someone who is more concerned about being liked than being effective. He seems out of touch.

So it may surprise you to learn that I plan to vote for him. It is simply because the alternative is far worse. The Republicans have really gone off the deep end. The degree to which they are out of touch is truly scary.  It frightens me that about a third of the country have really crazy ideas! These nut cases need to be educated. Those of us that know better need to stop tolerating this nonsense and be vigilant in our defense of the truth! How could it happen that Rick Santorum would field a question about Barack Obama in which the questioner said Obama was a Muslim, and Santorum doesn’t correct him? Does Rick Santorum believe Obama is a Muslim? Or was he just afraid he would lose a supporter if he corrected? This is bullshit. These people should be no where near the levers of power. This is where fascists find support, the ‘Big Lie’ plays really well among these people.

But Barack Obama is hardly our fearless leader. I don’t think he particularly cares whether he is reelected or not. He doesn’t seem engaged in his re-election campaign. He goes through the motions, saying the same tired crap he’s been saying for too damn long. While I might agree with a lot of it, it doesn’t inspire me at all! He is boring!! Given what is taking place across our country, he should be fired up, taking on the Republicans with gusto! I don’t think Barack Obama is a true Democrat, at least not in the way I remember Democrats being. He may talk about taxing the rich, but he is a part of the country club crowd himself! He has no real understanding of what the poor people in America are going through. The poor are forgotten, except by a noisy Occupy movement, which is losing support, and the inconsequential left wing. What has happened to liberals? Have they all been shipped off to concentration camps when we weren’t looking?

So, while I support Barack Obama, it is a lukewarm, unenthusiastic support. Clearly, Romney or Gingrich would be worse. Ron Paul would not make a good President. He is an ideologue. He wouldn’t be able to get a single thing done. He would rant and rave, and nobody would pay much mind, because he wouldn’t exercise any true power. The bureaucratic military/industrial complex would not allow it. If he got too feisty, he might even get himself killed. So he isn’t a good idea. At least, Obama will do some things to help us poor folks out. It might not amount to much, but it would be something at least, until we can build up enough support to really mount a true revolution. Then we can begin to have some real leadership for a change, that doesn’t just serve the interests of the super rich. Barack Obama seemed so promising when he took office, it is such a shame that he has turned out to be such a disappointment.

Stop Newt Gingrich In His Tracks!


Newt Gingrich has just won the South Carolina primary. I had hoped Herman Cain would win, so that would really mean that Stephen Colbert had won, but I guess too many people were confused by that whole deal. If you are rich, if you have a business, if you are comfortable, you will vote for Newt Gingrich. If you are poor, if you are unemployed, if you are uncomfortable, you may not vote at all. I hope these people will have a change of heart and vote for Barack Obama, because we cannot allow Newt Gingrich to become President. Newt Gingrich would return our nation to the Reagan era. Of course conservatives want exactly that. But we need to give the conservatives a well deserved kick in the teeth (metaphorically speaking). We need to make Liberal a good word again! Although the Occupy movement hasn’t done a great job of getting it’s message across, that message is damned important. We do not want to allow the rich to continue their stranglehold on this country! Getting rich is the sole focus of our culture. Everyone dreams of having that lifestyle. We haven’t lived in a compassionate country since the days of the ‘Great Society’. The future looks grim for the unemployed, the disenfranchised, and all the rich want to do is piss on them! There are a few exceptions, certainly, Warren Buffet comes to mind. But make no mistake about it! If Newt Gingrich makes it into the White House, the lives of millions of Americans will take a nosedive for the worse. Newt Gingrich isn’t just out of touch, he is sick. He has no moral compass. He is naked ambition, obscenely smirking into the face of  America. The equally sick country club crowd, who drove our economy into the ground with their gambling addiction, will become even more reckless should Newt Gingrich be allowed to rule. The left wing of this country needs to wake up!! They need to put aside their grievances and support Obama, because only Obama can defeat Gingrich. Ron Paul isn’t going to become President, but hopefully, he will draw votes away from Gingrich. Unfortunately he would also draw votes away from Obama. While I like some of Ron Paul’s positions, especially when it comes to foreign policy,  he can’t stop Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich would hold in contempt the very values he supposedly represents. He is the consummate politician, supremely cynical, only interested in power. He has no sense whatsoever of what the average American endures. He lives in a different world. This world is going to collapse. It is only a matter of time before the arrogant rich bastards will get their just desserts. If Newt Gingrich were to win, it could possibly result in his impeachment. I suspect Newt could not resist the corruption which comes with such power. He is already corrupt in his soul. We absolutely must defeat this man. Let’s make this happen!!!!

It’s a New Year?


Tomorrow, when I get up it won’t feel any different. I will still be feeling aches and pains, and I will still fix the same breakfast, and listen to iTunes. However, meanwhile the world turns. Some maniac is torching cars down in Hollywood. I don’t think it was inspired by the Doors’ “Light My Fire”, because he or she was targeting cars, not buildings. I guess they just want to start the new year off with plenty of drama. There might be a bit of “the rich bastards deserve to have their BMW torched” kind of thing. Or the Devil may be whispering in somebody’s ear again. I included in my novel, an actual weird event in San Francisco that happened in 2007, where some Iraqi immigrant claimed the Devil instructed him to run over as many people as he could with his SUV. So he tried. He injured a lot of pedestrians before he crashed into a pole. Stressful times bring out the wackos. I am oddly optimistic, even though I just got through tweeting Happy??? New Year?? I am so fickle, up then I’m down? I don’t get it. What’s the deal? But I feel like I may get an opportunity to put my true talents to work, instead of just putting in time, down at the mill. here comes a rotten bill, too much monkey business for me to get involved in. (Thank you, Chuck Berry!) Hopefully I can do a bit of writing for hire, how about “Let’s Give Mitt Romney a Break?”, how’s that for a slogan, or “Oh, Come On! Mitt’s a Nice Guy!” or “Mitt Romney: Not So Bad” or “Mitt Romney: Could Do Worse” You get the picture. maybe “Mitt Romney: Lame but Likeable” That’s the best one. He is unbelievably lame. If he wins the nomination, Republicans will be asking themselves, how did this happen??? And for sure everyone will be asking that if he wins the election. It is a mystery how he got where he is now, it would take a quantum physicist to figure it out. “We were doing this experiment and out stepped Mitt Romney!, straight out of the quantum foam, the damnedest thing!”

And then there is the methane beneath the permafrost, in Siberia. There is enough there, that if it ignited, we would probably all suffocate. Nice!!! Let’s all die with a whimper. You see the problem is that the permafrost is melting, which is allowing the methane to accumulate, building up pressure. If we can cool the permafrost back down, well, a Russian scientist is doing just that, finding ways to restore the frigid temperatures. But can he do enough, quickly enough?? I don’t need any more doomsday scenarios. 2012, are you scared? The Maya calendar says an epoch is ending next year, a very long epoch, but that’s it, no mention actually of an apocalypse, just that one long count ends, and another begins. So we should just have a really really rockin’ new long count bitchin’ eve!!!! Won’t come around for another 25,000 years, Lady Gaga can’t live that long. OR CAN SHE

However, we are approaching a tipping point, I believe. Isn’t it obvious? People are rising up all over the fucking place (There! finally a place to say ‘fucking’, I’ve got a reputation to uphold). I feel the internet has everything to do with that. No longer can information be kept out, eventually it gets out, which means transparency is inevitable. Governments are going to have to adjust to this new reality, and I don’t think they have a game plan. The downside to that of course, is that the stuff you really, really don’t want to come out, like how to create a deadly virus for which we have no defense, could come out. In that instance, I want that information stuck in a capsule and shot into the outer reaches of the Solar System. I am in favor of greater freedom, and generally agree with Libertarianism, but Libertarianism tempered with common sense. I don’t really want a Wild West scenario for the entire world. I don’t want to have to strap on my six gun to go to the market. And I am not crazy about tents. I prefer a comfortable revolution. I think Vaclav Havel had the right idea with his Velvet Revolution, in which nobody got hurt. It is so easy to get all excited when you see people rising up and defying dictators, from the comfort of your couch. (I actually don’t have a couch, but this is a metaphorical couch, ok?) But if this sort of thing were happening here?, you know, where the police start opening fire, and the military steps in. Would you have the guts to face up to that, knowing you could very easily die? I wonder about that, and yet I see homeless people every day, that I think might be willing to put their bodies on the line. What do they have to lose?

So, as I’m sure you could guess, I would prefer to see Barack Obama get re-elected, although I have my beefs about him. I think his foreign policy stinks. And he is far too interested in kissing Republican ass. Fight those assholes!! They have no interest in compromise, they just want to nail your ass, so fight them, you big dummy! (as Fred Sanford would have said, remember Sanford and Son?)

Oil well, nuff said

now I’ll check Facebook and Twitter for the billioneth time and probably go to bed before midnight,

Happy New Year!

Here’s a great song I discovered as I listened to iTunes today, “Why Can’t I Touch It?” by the Buzzcocks