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What Now?


Everything is turning in a counterclockwise motion

Tearing me apart at the seams

I need so much to get it together and recapture my dreams

But these things escape me in the vicious undertow

What now? Where may I turn?

Is there a way to rectify this thing

Beyond the tipping point?

I feel confused and nothing seems right

What now? More deadly news?

More shattered dreams?

I can’t read any more of this useless crap

It doesn’t do a thing to get us out of this trap

What Now? Please tell me.

We all need to know what now

But all we hear is sorely lacking

A Distant Shore


I stand upon a distant shore

too far away to see my face clearly

I gaze lovingly upon myself

sitting on a bench looking frightened

legs pressed together and looking very old and frail

Don’t worry so much I say to myself

you are not this thing which tires too soon

when I want to go out and play

I am here where no wind blows

and nothing can ever hurt me

a distant shore

far away, where all day long is play

never changing

always welcoming

more real than anything

I can feel it behind the pain

the doubt and the despair

I am there