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Say Goodbye to Death (the spirit of Easter)


With Easter All Is Fresh and New. We Greet the World with a Newfound Wonder. Every Spring Life Rushes Forth From Every Corner and Cannot Be Denied

I have always had cheerful memories of Easter. It is when I really recognize that Spring has arrived. Rebirth. The dark night of the soul filled with unemployment and other uncertainties has ended. Easter is a celebration of the miracle of life, rising from the dead molecules by virtue of something ineffable. Anything is possible. The Empire has ended, Mr. Dick. We stand apart from this dismal creation. The stone has been rolled away and all definitions, theories and beliefs no longer hold sway. It is a new day in every way imaginable. Easter. Magic fills the air. It is a time to cast away your fears and dare to dream the impossible. From the viewpoint of eternity, all is accomplished and it is good. Very good indeed. All is redeemed and made new. All is forgiven and given a fresh start. Amnesty for all. Isn’t that a refreshing idea? This is the spirit of Easter. Say goodbye to Death. Forever.

A part of me, my mind primarily, thinks these thoughts are much too positive. Unrealistic. Foolish. Girlish. Whatever. Occasionally such thoughts appear like clouds obscuring the Sun, but in a moment they pass away. Such skepticism cannot withstand the warmth and light of Easter. Easter brings forth a childlike enthusiasm in which nothing is foolish, and all things are fun. I ask those who scoff, who are so proud of their analysis. Do you think it will matter as you lie in your grave that you were right? Why not be wrong and live forever in defiance of all axioms and logical analysis. It cannot be and yet it is. This is the point of Easter. This is the point of it all. I am reminded of John Lennon’s song “She Said He Said”. ‘She said I know what it means to be dead. He said no no no you’re wrong. When I was a boy, everything was right’. Easter is about that time when everything was right. That time is now, if you want it. Strawberry Fields Forever.

Life can be, and is, a nightmare at times. Easter captures the joy that feels your entire being when you discover that you have awakened from that nightmare. It was all a dream. Thank God! Thank God indeed. The nightmare serves an important purpose however. We cannot dwell in paradise content, because there are much greater miracles to be had. Even more beautiful paradises lie beyond our grasp. We only need imagine. The big bang did not occur, it is occurring. God is active. This is that moment, the only moment, and anything could happen. These words pour forth without my skeptical mind’s permission for I am filled with joy. I love my life and all life and also recognize that this joy will not and cannot last. I will go to sleep again, and enter the dark Alcatraz of the soul. I accept this, and know that Easter will come again. It cannot be denied. It is the truth, all else is just people talking. Rejoice in this fact!! It is not only better than you think, it is better than you can think. Thinking is a deprecated application. We are tenderly feeling our way into a better interface. We will need a better language, as we’re finding the prison lingo can no longer suffice.

Happy Easter!!