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What’s Your Status?


Frightened little girl

Whose lost her mother

In a fire

What’s your status?

An Asian man fiddling with his iPhone

pondering his future on the J-train

What’s your status?

Young man selling crack on a corner

As the fierce wind swells

What’s your status?

Lying in bed, dying by degrees

Hair thinning out

body filled with disease

what’s your status?

little boy back home from baseball practice

skinned knee, band-aid, Skittles and iced tea

what’s your status?

what’s your status America?

you gonna make it out ok?

Give me an update

I’m worried about you.

Big Con 2.0


I have received your RSS feed, Lord Zuck

Well, now I have my cranky pants back on, lest anybody out there was beginning to take a liking to me. I have to admit playing the grumpy old cuss always makes me laugh. I need a few laughs right now. What am I cranky about this time? The stupid internet, that field of mind-numbing banality called Facebook. It is where I spend my time, and it has it’s limitations. You can’t get love from the internet. I have tried. Come on, admit it! You have too. It is ridiculous isn’t it? How desperate is that? That is why people get so addicted and emotionally caught up in their blogs or their status updates, or tweets. Has it come to this? Is this our love life? Is this where we look for validation? I guess so. I have spent many years, hell, decades being painfully lonely. I didn’t realize it all that much at the time, but after getting into this whole Big Con 2.0, I recognize how much I value human contact. Weird that a machine, a cold uncaring bunch of fucking electrons coursing down a wire could mean so much. But it does. Why does it make me grumpy? Because as you may have guessed from Big Con 2.0, I think it is a Con. A big Con.

The actual purpose of Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr  and on and on, is Money. Of course you aren’t surprised by that, but you try not to think about it. It is about how we can sell each other a bunch of crap we don’t need. Why corporate America would want to barrage a penniless population with ads is beyond me. Who is buying all this stuff? Who has the money to spare? I don’t, and I suspect I am far from being the only one. Our corporate culture is what made Facebook rich. We are a goldmine of information for advertisers. Do you have any idea how many Viagra ads I have been bombarded with because I say fuck on my blog? Tons. (ok, I just made that up.) But that is how it works. It is beyond annoying. It is amazing to me that advertisers have never figured out that being annoying doesn’t sell their product. It wouldn’t be so bad, except that we are given the illusion that a real, meaningful connection is being made, when in reality it is about product. That is one of the appeals of Socialism, it takes money out of the picture, and replaces it with contempt, and a begrudging and enforced compassion. Wait, that came out wrong. Let me think! Nope. That’s right. Maybe Socialism sucks as well.

But I have just got to say that when I see Mark Zuckerberg on a video or tv, he seems to be from some other world. I am not entirely sure he is human. If there were an alien invasion, I think it might take the form of something like Facebook. This is how the alien horde is learning about human beings. We won’t be able to resist those swell alien recipes for blueberry crumbcake. But, seriously, the guy doesn’t blink! Anyhow, it gives me the creeps. I think the internet, blogs, and Facebook, Twitter, etc. have great potential to bring us together in a way that could enable all of us to partake of this capitalist paradise. We are in this together. If the unwashed millions go down, the well scrubbed wealthy won’t be far behind.

So I appeal to the self-interest of all you self interested people out there. You are comfortable in your cocoon, absorbed in your personal media while surrounded by a sea of hopelessness. Very little stands between you and that sea. You could join the legion of disgruntled souls like me very easily. Just lose your job, get caught up in horrendous credit card debt, and you won’t give a damn about Josh’s status update, or Brittany’s last tweet. OMG You will be kicking the trash cans and blaming the pigeons for your fate.

Facebook Murders


Just a quick response to a news story I just saw on Yahoo. I posted it to Facebook because Facebook users are precisely the people who should see it. It involved a double murder of a couple who had defriended a woman on Facebook. The article went on to point out that this isn’t the first time this has happened. It sounds ridiculous, but I can completely understand it.

It is frighteningly easy to get carried away by something you read on a screen, be it Facebook, a blog, or an email. It happened to me today. I felt patronized by an email I received. It made me angry. I wasn’t furious, foaming at the mouth and contemplating murder, but I was pissed. I got over it fairly quickly, but only after replying in a rather rude way. It makes me wonder about the usefulness of  internet social media. It is very easy to be intimate and reveal your innermost feelings. That can be good and that can be bad. I have experienced both ends of the spectrum. I enjoy expressing myself online, but I am a notoriously thin skinned individual, which can cause problems. It is way too easy to click “Send”. Then you have second thoughts. Oops! too late!

I have posted about this problem before, sometimes even when I was in the midst of making the very mistakes I warned about. That is how insidious it can be. Feelings get hurt. People get mad. People get defriended. I know how it goes. It is so important to keep in mind that you are in a public space. People form judgements and that can potentially lead to bad things happening. In the case reported by Yahoo, the worst possible consequences ensued. What a useless and unnecessary tragedy!! But it does get me to thinking about people I have pissed off. There could be hundreds of them out there, who never bothered to click Unlike or leave a comment. It is a disturbing thought.

I’m sorry folks!! Please don’t kill me!

And rest assured, I don’t intend to kill anyone, no matter how mad I may get.

But none of this makes me feel a whole lot better. I have considered getting off of Facebook and stopping blogging. It has complicated my life in both good and bad ways. I wouldn’t say I was happier without it, but at least no one knew about my neuroses but me. Sometimes it is a lot more comfortable to be invisible.

I guess all I wanted to say is what I’ve said before, with a little more emphasis. Take a breath when reading anything on a screen, and consider that you can’t see the person. You can’t know the intent just from the words. You can’t hear the voice and the intonation. It could be vicious, or it could be harmless. Very hard to say just from the words on the screen. This is good advice. I am full of it, good advice I mean. Will I follow my own advice? I have a bad track record on that score. But I shall try.

As crazy as a murder over defriending may seem, I suspect the people who committed the murder never saw it coming, and I know the people murdered certainly didn’t! On that creepy, disturbing note, I will continue to use Facebook and continue my blog hoping that I don’t do anything to get myself killed. I will honestly try to be more prudent. Really!!! I mean it this time!!! Put away that shotgun!!

Why Facebook Sucks


More ranting I’m afraid.

Have you ever noticed how much Facebook sucks? and yet you still use it, or may even be addicted to it? I brought up in my last post about the illusion of intimacy. This is the dangerous allure of Facebook, except for those people that understand that it is all bullshit, and refuse to take any of it seriously. That should be me. I am usually the cynical one. But I had hoped that Facebook and Twitter for that matter, might actually be an opportunity for total strangers to connect with one another about real things. I thought that this could be a chance to make a difference in the world and with each other. Instead, I see a lot of trivial bullshit. I guess trivial bullshit is ok, but it is hard for a total stranger to care about your particular trivial bullshit. That is the sort of thing you reserve for friends, or family. Guess what I ate today? Oh, I can’t believe you ate that! etc. For me anyway, that is a waste of cyberspace. That’s what text messaging or phone calls are for. I am in a profound funk. I am really disappointed in Facebook. If this is an accurate picture of humanity, then we deserve to go extinct. I mean really!!, people, let’s raise the bar a little, elevate the level of discourse so we can save this fucking planet!!, for Christ’s sake! (literally!!) All of my life I have tried to cut to the chase in my communication, let’s get to what really matters. I have found a few kindred spirits along the way. I would like to find more. But, you know what? you wouldn’t believe how many morons, assholes, and absolutely worst of all!, celebrities there are on the internet. All of it is a huge waste of time. If you have nothing to say, if you just want to be cute, or, most of all, you’re  just trying to sell something, get the fuck off of Facebook!! You have other places to pollute, leave Facebook for people who genuinely want to connect with one another. Put your lame ass on Youtube. I am positive you will get a lot of hits. Everybody loves a moron.

Trying to make your presence known on Facebook, or the internet in general is very frustrating. For one thing, you have very little idea of who you are dealing with. People click Like, but they don’t comment, which puzzles me. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t like something well enough to comment on it, you don’t really like it. I crave genuine communication which contributes to each of our lives. Shouldn’t that be what Facebook is all about? I can’t stand Mark Zuckerberg, although I can acknowledge his genius in creating this drug called Facebook. He is the number one pusher in America today. His vision for Facebook is for it to be a marketers wet dream, a paradise for laissez-faire capitalism. All the communication is scooped up by businesses so they can better target you with their non-stop ads. There is absolutely no real meaning, or spirituality, or anything else to this vision. It is T. S. Eliot’s Wasteland come to life. Empty shells of human beings clicking Like, and buying useless crap, sharing trivial nonsense as a pale imitation of life. Welcome to Facebook.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I will continue to challenge that fucked-up paradigm. I will continue to offer my views, and share my heart with the faceless population that might see my posts, and the “followers” that express some interest in my rants. I will because I am addicted and because I keep thinking that perhaps I am wrong about humanity. Maybe there are some real human beings out there that I can have genuine communication with.

I just take things far too seriously, don’t I???  Here is a silly cat video to make you feel better.

Trouble Every Day


Written while listening to Trouble Every Day by Frank Zappa

It seems appropriate. I feel lonely, sad, anxious, afraid, and wish I could just transform everything!! There is an incredible amount of friction in my life right now. Absolutely nothing is easy. It is rough at work, and when I get home I just feel tired and unfocused. (and with my glaucoma I am literally unfocused.) I am still a bit obsessed with Margaret Cho, but not as badly as before. I enjoy her blog, and like to post comments. It is nice to find a kindred spirit. But I wish I could dispel this feeling of dangling over a precipice. I need a breakthrough. I daydream of having my own talk show, or of doing stand-up comedy. Relationships are a struggle and it is hard to develop an interest in anything. I just sit in front of the computer and have no fucking clue. Listening to music isn’t as much fun as it usually is. I post things on Facebook, and nobody ever fucking notices. It’s funny. I never cared about making contact with anybody before. Fuck you Facebook!! I was happy in my isolation. Now I crave connection, I want somebody to fucking care. But then, I don’t care all that much myself so what the fuck do I expect? Gotta give to get. Blah Blah Blah Actually it seems to me that the world is on the edge of a transformation, although I am not sure I will live to see it reach it’s full fruition. This is just the beginning of the beginning. But I can feel it. Rough times before we get there, though. No way around it. I guess you could call it some sort of a spiritual cleansing (if you were some new age asshole!) There! got that out of my system, that felt soooo good. It’s just that every time I start getting all philosophical I get really pissed off at myself, thinking that I’m going to start acting like some pompous ass. I hate new age assholes!! They say you should talk to a mountain climber if you want to learn how to climb a mountain, and these people haven’t climbed any fucking mountains.

OK OK I am taking off my cranky pants now.

I do sincerely believe that we are in the process of discovering that it is all up to us, the (do I really have to say it?) 99%. There ain’t going to be anybody that is going to save our sorry asses. That dream died when we discovered that Barack Obama is just another human being. Hope is for Dopes, it’s time for Action! Although I am just as clueless as anyone about the exact nature of that action. I think the Occupy movement has some potential, if it doesn’t get hijacked by a bunch of left wing morons, which seems to be happening. But the idea that we need to just step out there and take things in our own hands is a step in the right direction. The people in local, state, national, and international government don’t have a fucking clue. That much is painfully clear. Somebody needs to come up with some new ideas. Not all those old tired ideologies, like socialism, communism, capitalism, etc etc. None of it Works!!! Excuse me, waiter!! This isn’t the paradigm I ordered! Maybe that’s because I bought into somebody else’s paradigm instead of creating my own. We are entering unknown territory, fraught with peril and possibility. It isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference who becomes President, or what happens to the Eurozone, because there are changes sweeping over this planet that no governmental body of any kind can contain. The 1% is going to feel like Marie Antoinette felt when she could see the tsunami of history sweeping over Paris in 1789. Heads will roll, but only those heads stupid enough to try to hold on tenaciously to the status quo. Unfortunately I will likely be homeless while all this is going on, without access to media. But I hope I live to see the transformation that I crave. We shall see……….