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I Got a Job!!!


I finally landed a job after feeling I would never get one. It is temporary, lasting from March 26 to Oct 1, with the chance, if I do well, of it becoming permanent. This shows that it is not hopeless. If I can get a job, virtually anyone can. This means no more staying up until 2 am. I have developed that bad habit, which meant I always slept till 10:30 or 11:30 each morning. I will continue to blog although I doubt I will be able to put as much energy into it as I have in the past couple of months. I need to switch gears and get into customer service mode. I have been pretty introspective lately, and now I need to think of how best to serve, because I want this job to work out well! I will still be seeking other opportunities to make money, and find outlets for my creativity. I feel I have a lot to offer, and not having the major distraction of unemployment will help me focus on how to move things forward. Instead I will have to deal with the distraction of employment. It is difficult to stay creative while working. There is a tendency to just lay back and relax, become a vegetable, when you are off work. I will try my best to avoid that.

Of course, I cannot judge solely by my own circumstance, but it does appear that the economy is slowly recovering. We need to find new ways to put people to work. There are millions of very creative people like myself who are not making use of their talents. There needs to be more ways for creative people to find ways of making a living at what they truly love. I will continue to explore those possibilities. Poverty is a crime! Poverty saps the energy and potential to make a difference in the people it afflicts. We need another war on poverty. It is definitely in the interest of business to eliminate poverty, because then they have far more customers! You want us to buy your products? Then create jobs for us, so we can!!!! It is very easy to stop being concerned about unemployment after you are employed. I am still very concerned about it. This unemployment is weighing us down, keeping the economy from taking off again. I think private enterprise could go a lot further towards creating jobs. The government can only do so much. Ultimately, it is simply people helping people one on one that makes a difference. Discover a way this unemployed person could contribute to your business, and the unemployed need to find ways they can contribute. You can’t just sit around waiting for something to happen, although I have plenty of occasions of not having a clue about what to do. So I can definitely sympathize.

But this is a time when we all need to be active, creative, and putting ourselves out there. The era of passivity is over. We are in an interactive age, in which we get to create the kind of world we want. I am enthusiastic about that. Of course, landing a job makes me optimistic about a lot of things. I suspect it is much too early to put my cranky pants away just yet.

What Contribution Can I Make?


I want so much to make a contribution to the world around me. I am so frustrated by my circumstances. I am still unemployed and I may not be able to pay my rent. Panic lurks beneath an otherwise placid exterior. I live each day as if I were not dangling over a precipice. I focus on how to get out of my predicament, sending my resume out to any likely prospect. This post isn’t more of ‘woe is me’, or ‘can you help me?’ I want this post to be about what I want my life to be about. I want it to be about creativity. I want to bring more joy and laughter into the world. I want to let people know they are appreciated. I want to leave this world knowing I have left a positive mark behind. Perhaps there is still a way out of this dilemma, I don’t know, and I am growing tired of thinking about it. There has got to be better ways of spending my time.

I watched the State of the Union address and liked the part about all of us having each other’s back. The time of only thinking of yourself and your survival isn’t going to cut it, in the future. We need to begin looking out for each other. We all have something to contribute. We need to be given the means to give fully of ourselves. Employers need to cut us all some slack. Instead of only considering the bottom line, they should become actively involved in giving all of us an opportunity to make a difference at their business. We may not be the best candidate, but we would still have a contribution to make. It would be worthwhile to hire us, and would begin the process of turning our economy around. All of us need to participate in this process. If a large portion of our population is lost to chronic unemployment and homelessness, that would truly be tragic.

Recently I wrote a post recalling how I felt about America when I was a kid. I would like to feel that way again. Millions of talented people are being passed over because they are older, or because they have recently been in school and do not yet have years of experience in their new set of skills. This is wrong!! I took classes in printing and web design. Because I haven’t been hired to put these skills to work I am getting a little rusty over time. I need to be working!!!! I want to be writing for a living, but I realize this is a slow process. My hope is that my circumstances won’t dictate that I can no longer use a computer to get my voice out.

I am not alone. There are millions of us. While the economy is slowly recovering, it isn’t happening quickly enough. So I continue to look at how I can use my talent and skills to make an impact in the world. I am not just kicking back and daydreaming about winning the lottery. Not that I haven’t thought about that, but it isn’t my only thought. Our lives can be so much better! This is how I perceive the internet, facebook, blogs, and twitter. These can be tools for helping each other out, instead of for meaningless chit chat. The chit chat is ok, but let’s do more than that. The opportunity is there to transform our society. We really can help each other in profound ways. Gossip can give way to genuine communication. Each of us should ask ourselves and each other: What contribution can I make?

Lost My Job


Sheer Terror lurks beneath my calm exterior this afternoon. I lost my job. I had anticipated that that might happen. But now that it has, I feel unprepared. This means I am no longer hanging by a thread, I am in free fall once again. Once again, I’ve got to hit the bricks. The prospects for a 58 year old man, with failing eyesight, is not good at all. The challenge is going to be keeping from sinking into¬† a deep despair. You know the state I mean, where you sit and stare into space, unmotivated to do anything. I hate that state of mind, and will likely continue to blog until I can blog no more, just to keep myself engaged in the process of finding work once again.

I would love to be able to make my living writing, but that is a slow process. But I will definitely explore all of the various avenues that there may be on the internet. I would love to have my own talk show, where I could just sit and talk about whatever callers wanted to discuss. That would be fun! Eventually I’d like to try out comedy, but that is scary. Maybe comedy writing would be a good idea. But, of course, right now I need to just keep food on the table. So I would be willing to do just about anything. I have about $430 to my name. That is just sad. I landed my last job just as I was becoming desperate, maybe that could happen again.

I can recall the two and a half years I spent unemployed, from March 2009 to Aug. 2011.¬† I got to the point where I was just numb from the constant stress of looking and looking and looking for work. A part of me, today, wanted to just go on and do all the things I would normally do, as if I hadn’t lost my job. In denial. So, folks! I can’t be sure of how much longer I will be able to continue to do this. I may be evicted from my apartment at some point, and end up on the street. I would have no computer, no nothing. At that point, I could potentially lose the will to live. I hope not, but I have no intention of living out my remaining time on this Earth, living in a doorway, and wandering around each day, dirty and completely without resources. I would rather be dead.

On that cheery note, let’s hope that things start to look up. Maybe I will find a job soon, although I think the chances are pretty slim.

Meanwhile i will blog on!!! As I was resting just now (my right leg hurts from all the walking I did today, leaving off resumes), I remembered a song by David Bowie which begins with “I’m Home! Lost my Job! I am incurably ill. You think this is easy? Realism?” I thought it fit. I think the other lines “I am a DJ I am what I play and I have believers believing me.” are good too. Well I have ‘followers’ at any rate. Enjoy the video! It brightened my dark mood.

New Job Nu Shooz New Outlook on LIfe


Well, it finally happened! I got a job! Not a temporary job, a job that should last as long as I can manage to keep it. I am working for a newspaper, magazine shop, being trained to be Assistant Manager so the owner can take the time to be with his family, and not have to be at the shop all the time. I am eager to learn all that I can, and to do a good job.
This proves that even in a dreadful economy, it is possible to land a job. I was getting plenty worried as I watched my money disappear.
This turn of events has given me a new outlook in general. I tend to look at life as opportunity instead of survival. I also got some new shoes the other day, or as any respectable (or disrespectable) skate boarder would say, nu shooz. And, inevitably, I have suffered the usual sores on my heels which come with breaking in new shoes. It serves as a metaphor for life I think. Even though I now have a new job and can lose the stress of not having a job, I now have to go through the breaking in process of having to get up early each day and being dog tired after work. There is the stress of not knowing if the job will work out. But the big difference, of course, is that this is stress of my own choosing, not the grinding lack of choice found in unemployment, having to accept your fate. Now I have a chance to guide my fate to an extent.
How can my success be an inspiration for those of you who still hunt endlessly for a job? Well, first of all, I went ahead and sent a resume to this place even though I wasn’t the ideal candidate. I lacked the experience he clearly would have preferred. But I didn’t know that he was having a difficult time finding anyone who could fit his needs, and therefore was willing to consider me in spite of my lack of the exact experience he needed. Also he commented that I was a no bullshit kind of person, very straight-forward which he appreciated. He liked me.
These are qualities that served me well in this instance, but in others I suspect it has cost me jobs, in that I refuse to play the transparent games you are taught to play in interviews, which often don’t work because they come across as insincere and rehearsed. Nevertheless, some interviews who come from a corporate culture, resent not hearing these sales pitches they have been accustomed to. They probably have hired people on how well they performed in their interview, “selling” them in the way corporate culture has trained us in “selling” ourselves. Such approaches don’t come naturally for me. I just try to be sincere and give a good impression without going out of my way to try to impress. I do try to focus on the needs of my prospective employer instead of my paltry needs. Everybody just needs to know: what can you do for me? Remember this is a business, not a charity.
I will try to post more on how this job progresses.
I had been so depressed over the economy. I suspect that Obama’s jobs plan won’t get through the House. The candidates running for the Republican nomination are more depressing than usual. I hate to think that Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann may become our next President. But if Obama can make it clear what a Republican victory could mean for all of us that aren’t rich, perhaps a Republican victory can be prevented.

Using my wits when I’m at my wit’s end.


Didn’t get that job. Thought I would, but I didn’t. Interview went well I thought, but not well enough. I’m at my wit’s end. This is surely the end of the line for me. Why bother? Just drift away into mindless homeless obscurity, barely noticed by passersby, it almost sounds romantic. Except, it isn’t. Neither is suicide, which is another creepy thought born of hopelessness which emerges with much drama whenever I’m at my wit’s end. I send such thoughts back to the hell from which they came. I took a little guided tour of hell for about five minutes after I learned that I didn’t get that job I wanted. It was an ugly but enticing experience. It really felt as though I had no more options, all was dark, and there was absolutely no point to anything any longer.

From somewhere inside me, I conjured up a wellspring of hopefulness, and thankfully, rationality. The future is unknown. I could end up with an even better job, something wonderful could happen. A whole array of possibilities presented themselves to me. There is always something you can do. There is never a reason to succumb. But you have got to be resourceful in ways you weren’t before, because the old methods no longer work. You have to use your wits. What can I offer? What can I offer that someone would pay me to provide? Nobody wants to see you fail. Just like those banks we bailed out, I am too big to fail. This was a feeling, nothing more. I have yet to put together the details, to bring this vision into being. But I know it’s there, and it is actually up to all of us, not just myself, to bring it forth. Otherwise the future is grim indeed, and some of us aren’t going to make it. They will journey into that hell, as I did, and be unable to bring themselves out.

So now I know that I’ve got to get smarter, use my wits, even when I appear to be at my wit’s end. I’m going to put my thinking cap on now, and report back on what I find. I know that it will help many of you, dear readers, as well as myself. I will try to come up with some juicy nuggets that will bring a smile to your lips, and help us get back on track.